Back To Basics

“Gentlemen, this is a football.” That was Lombardi.
“Gentlemen, this is how to put your socks on before a basketball game.” This one was Wooden.
Your staff is highly-trained. If you’re following our Staff Meeting Template, you’re already choosing monthly focal points and study materials.
But every year, it’s wise to review the very basics.
“Start the class on time.”
“Wear a shirt that says ‘coach’ on it.”
“Don’t eat while you coach.”
“Sign EVERYONE in.”
“Give everyone 90 seconds of 1-on-1 time in every class.”
“Teach the WHY of the workout.”
Yes, your veterans should know all of it. They probably don’t.
After hearing it once, they SHOULD deliver consistently every time. They probably don’t.
You should do it the same way every time, too. But – well, I don’t. And my staff follows my example, not my instructions.
As new staff members are added, it’s easy to assume they know everything. We project OUR knowledge onto everyone else. Reinforce your foundation: take one monthly staff meeting each year and cover “common sense”.
We have dozens of Staff Training modules in in our Incubator program, so you don’t have to teach all of these lessons yourself.

One more thing!

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