Gym Automation Manual, Part I: Do It Yourself Then Delegate

A finger is poised to push a bright blue button labeled "automation."

Your gym can run itself if that’s what you want.

It’s absolutely possible for owner-operators to hire people to replace them in marketing, sales, social media, cleaning—even coaching.

It can be done. But if you want to offload any role—even the “simple ones”—you must follow a precise plan or the job will land right back in your lap in short order.

For example, if you hire a salesperson and just say “sell more memberships,” you’re going to have problems.

But if you train a salesperson to use a precise plan that’s been tested and optimized, you’ll offload a job and ensure your gym keeps acquiring new members.

The Steps

The first step in automating your gym: Do the job you want to offload yourself.

We call Two-Brain mentorship a “done-with-you system” because I want you to learn how to do things properly, then how to teach your staff how to do them properly without you.

For example, let’s say you’re offloading sales.

First, you must do 20 sales meetings yourself so you understand the process.

Then you need to adjust the process so it produces the best results for your business.

Then you need to teach a staff member to use the exact process you learned, tested and optimized.

Finally, you as CEO must support the salesperson: run role-playing sessions, track numbers and provide sales coaching.

You can use a variation of this process to assign other roles—such as coaching classes—but don’t miss the key parts: Do it yourself, optimize the process, train a staff member to use the process, then support that staff member.

This process is everything: It is the difference between delegation and abdication.

Delegation means you walk the path first, leave deep tracks for others and then make sure they stay on the path.

If you just say “I don’t have time for this!” and hand responsibility off to others without giving them a plan, that’s abdication—and you’ll have problems.

No matter how smart your staff members are, no matter how bad they “want it,” they aren’t going to just “figure it out” or do it exactly the way you want it done.

If you want to successfully automate any part of your business, you must give staff members clear systems to follow.


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