How to Automate Your Gym, Part I: DIY to Delegation

Automate your gym - a weight in a gym

If you want it to, your gym can run itself.

You don’t have to do the hard parts forever. You can hire someone to replace you in marketing, sales, social media, cleaning—even coaching. It’s possible.

But if you want to get any part of your business off your plate, you have to do it the right way.

For example, if you hire someone to run your Facebook ads and you don’t understand Facebook advertising yourself, you’ll be screwed when the ads stop working. Or when Facebook changes the algorithm. Or when you’re locked out of your account due to an iOS update. Or when the ads need updating … .

The Steps

The first step in automating any part of your business is to do it yourself.

We call Two-Brain mentorship a “done-with-you system” because I want you to learn how to do things properly, then how to teach your staff how to do it properly without you.

For example, let’s say you hate sales and you want a staff person to take over that role.

First, you need to do 20 sales yourself so you can learn the process.

Then you need to tweak the process a few times to make it feel natural to you.

Then you need to teach your staff the exact same process you use.

Then, finally, you need to support them in sales: run role-playing sessions, track their numbers and provide them with sales coaching.

This is the difference between delegation and abdication.

Delegation means walking the path yourself first, leaving deep tracks for others to follow, and then making sure they’re on track.

Abdication is saying “I don’t have time for this!” and handing full responsibility off to others without giving them a plan or knowing theirs.

No matter how smart your staff members are, no matter how bad they “want it,” they aren’t going to just “figure it out.” You need to give them systems to follow.

In the next post in this series, I’ll talk about the second step to automation.

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