The Authority Ladder: A Story on Every Rung

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How do you build a personal brand?

By telling stories.

Good stories spread. Good stories outlive bad stories. And good stories help people to know you, like you and trust you.

If you want to build a personal brand, you have to be a storyteller.

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The path to building your personal brand goes like this:

1. Get really clear on your audience.

  • Who are you speaking to?
  • Who will you dedicate the next year to?

This is your niche. Tell these people stories about your journey.

2. What questions are people in your audience asking?

  • Which can you answer?
  • Which answers do they like most?

Tell them stories to make your answers stick.

3. Which problems can you solve for your audience better than anyone else?

  • How can you turn your knowledge into results for them?
  • What’s the value of those results?

Tell stories about your clients’ success.

4. How will you know your solution is working?

  • Audit your program.
  • Iterate again and again.

Tell stories about your clients’ journey.

5. Do it for years. Get better and better. Always give your clients your best.

The Conversation Continues

This is how we built Two-Brain Business: a 10-year conversation with gym owners like you.

The most important part of building a personal brand is consistency. And that’s also the part where most people fail.

You must speak to your audience daily. Authority is a game of momentum, not impression. If you stop telling stories, everyone will think yours has ended.

You don’t have to tell the best stories. You don’t have to be the best storyteller. You just have to start.

Building a brand requires a plan. We call that plan the Authority Ladder. And it’s based on storytelling.

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