By the Numbers: The August 2021 Revenue Leaders

A red pin stands at the head of a group of white pins to illustrate leadership.

More clients? That’s great. But it’s not what makes a good business.

A good business rewards its clients and the owner. As the owner of a gym, you have to make a good living—at least $100,000 per year. You can do that with 50 clients or 150—but you can’t do it without revenue.

Here are the Two-Brain gyms with the top revenue in August:

A top 15 leaderboard showing the Two-Brain gyms with the highest revenue in August 2021—from $43,000 to $87,000.

Secrets From the Leaders

How did these gyms generate so much revenue?

Here’s what the owners said:

“We focus on multiple streams of revenue, including personal training, nutrition coaching and our online programs. We’ll do over $100,000 this year in PT alone.”

“We switched our personal training from session based to auto-renewing personal training memberships.”

“We did speed camps for kids. $450 for 2x/week. Then we proved their results with testing and wrote prescriptions for the future. Most of them stayed on and renewed.”

“I focus most of my time calling leads and getting people booked in for trial workouts. We also really focused on saving cancellations by trying to have a conversation with everyone who asked to cancel. Usually these turned into pauses or downgrades, and sometimes they just needed to talk.”

“We hired a salesperson—part time, got them from a globo gym, former sales director. She’s hired as a salesperson and spin instructor. Making almost FT money for only 20 hours a week—sales, SOPs and handles cancelations, lead nurture, 75% of (intros).”

“We look at our numbers every week, analyzing and forecasting—cost control and revenue wise.”

“We’re very consistent in the group PT and youth program; it’s constantly growing. We upgraded our on-ramp to a 90-day journey with different options within. Our minimum/smallest package is 12 PT sessions.”

“We offer a broad range of revenue streams—spreading the risks. We treat our revenue platforms like stocks: diversify the portfolio. The other streams: sports-specific programs, mama CrossFit, nutrition, physiotherapy and retail.”

“We dialed in on the things (that) really and truly move the needle, doing less of the stuff that diluted the team’s efforts, like specialty (e.g., 6-week promotion).”

“We’re a boxing gym. Increasing overall membership and (average revenue per member per month) via our new foundations program did it for us.”

Some made more money by focusing on their core offerings. Others made more by diversifying and empowering their coaches.

The key? Have a plan. Then execute on the plan and track the results of the plan. Then double down or change.


One more thing!

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