Are You the Best Gym in Town?

By Jay Williams, TwoBrain Mentor
If I asked you to describe your gym, you’d tell me one of the following things:
“We’ve got the best coaches, the most equipment, the biggest space, the best ‘community’.”
“Nobody does it like us!”
“We are the BEST!”
No doubt, you WANT to feel this way about your box.
But is it true?
Is your opinion based on:

  • Random member feedback?
  • Online website/facebook stalking?
  • That one time you visited another gym two years ago?
  • Another gym’s Yelp review score compared to yours? <– ugh!

I did all that stuff and concluded that MY gym was the best in town.
But thinking you are the best doesn’t bring people in the door.
Nor does it put food on your table.
So we gave our coaches a homework assignment last week:
Go to another gym and take a class. Don’t tell them who you are (if you can avoid it), just try a class and report back to us how it goes.
Those reports gave us some real insight.
The truth is, we aren’t the best at everything.
One of the gyms had more space and more equipment. One had a much more technical coach, one had a great warm up.
But we were better than the others at a LOT of things…cleanliness, friendliness, starting/ending on time.
That homework gave our staff a sense of pride, but also a list of things we could do better; which was the entire point.
It doesn’t do you any good to be the best gym in town.
When you are convinced you’re the best, you leave yourself no room to improve, grow, and evolve.
The truly great business are always improving.   Borrowing any ideas they think will help them move forward. Doubling down on the things they do well. And checking the pulse of their market, their industry, and their competition.
Here’s an exercise for you…
Go out and visit 2 other gyms in your area. Take a class, and write down every insight you can from your visit.
Then, attend a class at YOUR gym and compare notes.
What do you well? What could you improve? What is your customer experience?
Take the best ideas you come up with, and put them in your action plan for next week.
Try it, and tell us what you learned.
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