When I opened my CrossFit gym, I built it around what I liked.

I chose bars that were great for powerlifting. I put in two GHRs and a reverse hyperextension machine. I hung chains on all my cages and put a chalk bowl in the middle of the floor. I slid a Metallica disc in the machine and hit “repeat”.

The first woman to walk in the door walked right back out again.

I love my clients. But they’re not like me. At least, they’re not much like the 28-year-old me.

The fourth layer of Affinity Marketing is the Avatar.

After finding your best clients; after helping their spouses, kids and friends; after helping their coworkers and neighbors and teammates; that’s when it’s time to ask, “Who ELSE is just like Jill?”

So you begin to think about Jill. What were her goals when she started at your gym? Why did she choose January to sign up? What was her greatest fear? What ELSE does Jill like?

Facebook has a lot of tools to help. You can say, “Mr. Zuckerberg, please find me more people just like Jill.” And Mark’s Amazing Machine will discover that Jill likes Garth Brooks, the Golden State Warriors, and the Cooking Channel. The powerful ad software will search its local database for other women who like the same things, and build a “lookalike audience” of those names. We show our mentoring clients how to do these awesome tricks in our Marketing modules.

But Facebook isn’t the point of this blog post. YOU are the point.

Are your “ideal” clients just like YOU?

Are your SEED clients your age? Do they have 3 hours every day to work out? Are they passionate about improving their snatch?

Do they earn what you earn?

One of the biggest turning points in my business came when I realized that my best clients weren’t much like me at all:

They earned more They cared more about clean bathrooms They wanted 1:1 attention often They didn’t like Megadeth They don’t want to think about programming They care more about smiling than PRing their overhead squat three-rep max.

What did this mean?

I stopped projecting my budget onto their wallet I took the skulls off my website I stopped using the F word on social media I replaced that blinking light bulb I posted more pictures of people smiling I cleaned the blood off the bars (true story) I stopped yelling at them for chalk spills I stopped believing people just had to “want it bad enough”. I cleaned up my grammar (top earners don’t confuse “you’re” with “your”)

When I realized that I wasn’t my ideal client, I started getting cooler clients with smaller egos and fewer problems. Go figure.

One of the best reasons to do the SEED Clients worksheets (in our Incubation phase) is to discover who your best clients REALLY are, and what THEY want. That makes coaching easy, and owning a coaching business much easier.