Huge ARMs: What Clients Pay Per Month at Top Gyms

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I love revealing our average revenue per member leaderboard every six months.

“ARM” is an incredible thing in a gym, and our leaders show you what’s possible.

In the fitness industry, it’s all too common to undervalue services. That’s because a lot of gyms charge $20 or $30 a month for access—and people think all gyms should be priced like that.

But if you’re reading this, you already know access and coaching are different.

“Use my dumbells and treadmill for 40 minutes”—that’s what $30 gets you.

But coaching is worth much more. You’re giving people exactly what they need to accomplish important health and fitness goals in a group, small-group or one-on-one setting. That’s worth hundreds of dollars a month.

Many old-school gym owners didn’t realize that. We priced our coaching at $100 or $150 a month. Back in 2010 or so, we thought that was a lot.

In 2024, we know those prices were far too low. They didn’t reflect the value we provided.

Our top gyms are now so good at creating value that our Top 10 ARM leaderboard is incredible. It’s packed with numbers that would have blown my mind in 2010.

Get this: the numbers are going up. In July 2023, the Top 10 average was $533, and the No. 10 gym earned $430 from each client. Those numbers were similar in December 2023.

But check out the leaderboard below. The Top 10 average is $692, and the No. 10 gym hit $508. Can you believe those numbers? (Don’t worry: We verified them!)

A top 10 leaderboard for average revenue per member, from $508 to $1203.

What should these numbers tell you?

1. Gyms just like yours have found ways to acquire clients who are willing to pay a premium for world-class service and swift results.

2. Coaching is very valuable; it’s worth way more than $100 a month.

3. It’s possible to improve ARM quickly. Think about what would happen if 25 percent of your group clients bought just one personal training session a month and another 10 percent signed up for nutrition coaching.

In the next post in this series, I’ll tell you exactly what our leaders did to generate these incredible ARM numbers.

Here’s your task for today: Set an ARM goal of $205—isn’t the right target for every single gym. But it’s probably the first target for most gyms.

If your ARM is over $205, congrats! Set a goal of adding $10 to it—or talk to a mentor about targeting an exact number that’s tied to the life you want to live.

And you need to know this: Most of the gyms on the leaderboard started where you are right now. They had underpriced services and they doubted their clients would pay more if they created more value.

All of them, happily, have now seen the reality: If you create more value, you’ll make a greater impact for everyone.


One more thing!

Did you know gym owners can earn $100,000 a year with no more than 150 clients? We wrote a guide showing you exactly how.