Annual Planning: A Step Toward Becoming CEO of Your Gym

A graphic image of pages flying off a desktop annual calendar at a gym.

I know how it feels to run out of hours.

I’ve driven to the gym in the dark, coached 10 classes, responded to email, answered the phone, sold a few T-shirts between sessions, ordered supplies, fixed broken equipment, cleaned and then driven home in the dark.

The worst part? I wasn’t getting any further ahead. All my grinding wasn’t in vain, but it certainly wasn’t growing my business. I was just surviving—barely.

To get out of a cycle like that, you need a plan.

But when you’re chest deep in the muck, it’s hard to create one.

I can help.

Your 2023 Annual Plan

Head over to the Gym Owners United group on Facebook and check out my Dec. 28 post. Leave a comment on it and I’ll send you a basic but very effective annual plan you can print out and follow throughout 2023.

I’ve got one or two activities you can do every month to generate revenue, retain members and get more from your staff. I’ll even tell you why I’ve selected the stuff you see on the calendar.

Here’s an example for February: Run a bring-a-friend event. Why? An event like this will help you connect with very warm leads who are already linked to your business through a current member. Think of it as a referral program on rocket fuel. Your clients all have friends and family members who know they work out, and this event is the perfect way to meet those people. Use this event to build your email list and book free consultations.

You’ll find “bring-a-friend event” on the calendar four times. It’s that important.

But if you’re struggling to manage everything right now, you probably won’t think about running a simple event like this until you badly need more members—and then it’s too late. Get out front of everything now to ensure a steady stream of hot leads throughout the year.

You might think, “I don’t have time for that.” I know you’re busy, but you can definitely find about 90 minutes sometime in the next two months to plan a simple workout, seminar or even social gathering. You don’t have to overthink it. Just block off the time now and give your members a reason to bring a buddy to the gym.

My annual calendar for gym owners won’t solve all your problems right away, but it’s a big step forward for a fitness entrepreneur to start thinking months ahead instead of day to day.

And that’s what I want you to be: a business owner. A CEO, not a cleaner-programmer-coach-bookkeeper-manager.

Get my plan and take action to improve your business in 2023: Gym Owners United.


One more thing!

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