AI: Let the Robots Write the Gym Blogs? Yes, But…

Close-up photo showing a touchscreen monitor: A woman’s hand is typing questions and an AI chatbot is answering.

Can you use AI to build an audience for your fitness business?


But you still have to publish consistently if your content is going to have any effect.

If you just use AI to produce a few articles and then let your blog go stale, you’re wasting your time.

But if you integrate AI into a well-defined publishing habit, you can save a lot of time.

Develop a Publishing Habit

First, you are not required to use AI to produce content. If you’re very good at creating blogs, videos and podcasts and enjoy doing so, you’re better off personally producing high-quality, original content tailored to your exact audience.

But if you don’t have those skills—or even if you just don’t feel like using them at times—use should engage the services of ChatGPT or any similar platforms.

Whatever path you choose, you must commit to volume and consistency.

Think of publishing like working out: One workout won’t do much for your fitness even if it’s better than just sitting on the couch. And 10 workouts scattered over 12 months? That’s like starting at zero 10 times—you won’t get many benefits. But working out three times a week for a year? That can change your life.

Publishing is the same way. A few blogs a year? You’re wasting your time. And a frenzied, short-term commitment to publishing is similarly pointless.

In media, as in fitness, you only gain ground with consistency. It’s a game of momentum. Publish solid content three times a week for a year and your content marketing funnel will be in great shape. Quit for a few weeks and your funnel will be clogged.

Many gym owners have no problem working out regularly, but they struggle to find the same consistency in publishing. There are two reasons for that:

1 . They don’t have the skill to produce media.

2. They just don’t commit to publishing.

AI can absolutely solve media production issues. You can just type “write 500-word blog about how to warm up for a workout” into ChatGPT and you’ll get something you can use. (Chris Cooper’s new guide makes things even easier: Coop has exact prompts you can use to create content for your gym—get it in the Gym Owners United Group.)

The second problem is yours alone: You must commit to creating content and then you must publish it.

If you do, you will build an audience, improve your authority in the community and raise the profile of your business. All that will generate more leads and warmer leads.

If you don’t commit to producing and publishing, you’ll be among the many gym owners who blamed their lack of output on a lack of skill but still can’t build an audience now that AI has provided the perfect solution to that problem.

In the business world, gym owners who choose not to publish are just like the client who says “I just can’t find time to work out.”


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