Laurie Drummond

“Make moments that matter and create those small habits and routines to build a system that works for you and your business.”

Laurie’s professional career has seen her succeed in defense, the corporate world and private industry, but she is truly passionate about “working for yourself” because of the freedom and opportunities it allows entrepreneurs and their families.

“For many, it is hard to make decisions and focus on the right areas when there are so many priorities,” Laurie said. “Two-Brain Business provided me clarity and a pathway forward to create systems, improve leadership and become profitable.”

As a Tinker coach and mentor, Laurie doesn’t just help you win the race. She will also be there running alongside you, making your decisions obvious, attractive to your clients and easy to implement. Most of all, she’ll help you set goals that are satisfying to achieve (“Atomic Habits”).

Laurie brings a balanced approach to running multiple businesses: Ensuring you don’t drop the ball anywhere is the key. After taking on the challenge of pivoting from various successful start-ups, Laurie is not afraid to tread new ground. Although she’s a specialist in the gym network, Laurie sets up all businesses to be self-sustainable so she can enjoy the freedom of working and traveling overseas. Her more recent endeavors include leaning into opportunities in the hospitality industry (who doesn’t love coffee?), and she now has several fitness businesses abroad.

Diverse, engaging, honest and reliable, Laurie has a serious side but is heaps of fun to have on your team. 

Laurie was formerly an advisor to the Australian ambassador in the Middle East, and her communication and engagement skills are top shelf. She’s also generous in sharing what she’s learned from her business experiences. She’ll help you develop solid business plans and hold people accountable for delivery.

If you have a lifestyle vision you can share with Laurie, she can show you how to create the business outcomes you need to make it a reality.

"Two-Brain Business provided me clarity and a pathway forward to create systems, improve leadership and become profitable.”

the definition of insanity is

Trying the Same Thing Over and Over Again
And Expecting Different Results

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