A Quick and Easy Way To Get Client Testimonials

By Jay Williams, Two-Brain Mentor
Client testimonials are the lifeblood of any good marketing plan.
You can have the best website, best explanations, and best sales pitch…
But if clients don’t see other people like them getting the results they want, they will remain skeptical.
Having solid testimonials from real people will set you apart from every other gym in your area.
You won’t just be talking about results, you’ll be demonstrating them.
But how do you generate testimonials without having to stage, shoot, and edit a video, send a survey, or feel like you’re constantly hammering people for them?
The irony is that you’re probably getting testimonials every day at your gym.
Every time you check in with a client to find out how it’s going, or a coach asks “how did the class go” or you get a new PR for your board, there is potential for a testimonial.
Every time you get feedback, ask a simple follow up question:
“Would you be ok if I use that feedback as a testimonial for our website?”
If they say “yes” you’re in! You can take a version of that quote and put it on your site.
Here’s an example from my site…I just took a simple quote someone dropped in casual conversation after class, found a pic of them, and put it up:
Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.05.21 AMTry it!
After the next class you coach or observe, ask everyone “How was it?” and if any answer stands out, follow it up by asking: “Can I use that as a quote for our site?”
Adding these simple lines to your site, a blog post, does three things.
1) it gives you credibility beyond what YOU say
2) It highlights the member giving you the quote, which helps keep them engaged and interested
3) Most importantly, it will help you get more clients like the ones you already have.


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