8-Day Christmas Giveaway #4: BrainWODs

The IgniteGym program is used on five continents. And it can add a whole new world of clients, programming and revenue to your gym.
Originally developed to help those with autism and brain injury, BrainWODs are now being developed and used for regular CrossFit classes, kids’ classes and Masters-aged classes.
When Catalyst created the Ignite program, we immediately became the only box in the world to receive funding from insurance companies. Government agencies pay for kids to attend. Some schools even put kids in taxis and send them to the gym!
Other gyms are using the program for:

  • Seniors classes
  • PTSD rehab clients
  • Athletes with concussion
  • Chess teams

In October 2013, Greg Glassman said the next frontier for CrossFit is “education,” and IgniteGym is now selling Tutoring packages to kids in our box. It’s a huge new world (and we’ll talk a lot about the possibilities in our upcoming “Ideas” episode on TwoBrainRadio.)
CrossFit Illumine used BrainWODs to attract a new demographic (their “Legends” class.) Bare Hands CrossFit used BrainWODs to bring a member back to the gym as a PT client. And dozens of gyms are using BrainWODs in their Kids’ program.
Who ELSE is looking for brain training? Entrepreneurs. Seniors. Homeschoolers. College students.
Weight loss and athletic performance might not register high on their priorities, but these folks rely heavily on their brainpower. What’s the best way to improve it? IgniteGym.
Here are 50 BrainWODs built specifically for YOU to try. All free.  Download below:

50 BrainWODs

A bit more on BrainWODs: 11 Ways To Boost Your Gym’s BrainPower.
(You can take courses, like the IgniteGym 101 Course, online.)


One more thing!

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