8-Day Christmas Giveaway #2: Eight Greats by Michael Rutherford

“Coach Rut” should be a household name.
Creator of the “Max Effort Black Box” method and DBWOD, Michael Rutherford has been around.
He attended the first CrossFit “seminar.” He was one of the first Affiliates. He authored the first popular non-mainsite “CrossFit” training program (Max Effort Black Box,) which included a strength bias for the first time.
In two weeks, you’ll hear from Coach Rut on TwoBrainRadio (“A Very Black Box Christmas” episode) and we’ll feature him in videos for Up-Coach clients in the spring. But we’re giving you a free sneak peak: eight sweet and salty Dumbbell Workouts from the mind of the master.
If you’ve been looking to add dumbbell work (or, hell, you KNOW you need more unilateral work in your programming,) start here. Included are eight brand new workouts with full movement descriptions. Download here:
Eight Great Dumbbell Workouts
(You can download Rut’s ebook here, but it’s not free.)
You’ll hear more about MEBB and DBWOD in two weeks. But for now, expand your programming to include single-limb work, and get started with the programming in the link!


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