5 (More) Blogs in 5 Weeks to Build Your Audience

A writer in a sport coat and time bites a keyboard and give the thumbs-up sign.

We just completed our first Storytelling Workshop, and it was inspiring to see what focused entrepreneurs could do with precise instructions.

Chris Cooper and I taught business owners how to create media fast, and we were blown away as we put them on the clock and pushed them to create a mountain of content in just one day.

Early in the workshop, we told them to start small if they were feeling intimidated by media production, and I’ll say the same thing here. Start small. But start today.

To help you out, here are five ideas for blogs.

If you have trouble producing content, keep it simple and just “get it done.” If you love creating, feel free to go big: Add some pictures, dig a little deeper, create social-media assets to promote the blogs and so on.

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Do Exactly This

1. Block off “publishing time” on your calendar every week for five weeks. You will use this time to produce and publish the five blogs below. If you don’t schedule this activity, it won’t happen.

 2. Make some notes on each topic right off the top of your head in “week 0,” and add to your notes any time an idea pops into your head. That way you’ll already have some thoughts together when you sit down to create.

3. Write 300-600 words. Don’t feel pressure to go long. The point is to publish consistently, so be brief and to the point.

4. Write and publish the blog to your website each week, starting next week. Then send it to your mailing list as a newsletter. Then use your social-media platforms to tell people to come to your site to read the blog.

That’s it. Hit your calendar and block off time to publish right now, then read on for the blog ideas.

Week 1

Subject: Check out what’s coming in fall! (If you don’t have anything scheduled, shine a spotlight on an existing program you want to grow; e.g., “Fall is the perfect time to make quick progress with a personal trainer before the holidays!”)

Audience: Prospective clients and current clients. You want to expose prospective clients to the things your business offers, but you also have an opportunity to sell more to current clients.

Goal: Generate revenue through sign-ups for fall events and programs.

Key point: “These fall events/seminars/workshops solve these very common problems.”

Link and call to action to include: The URLs for your landing pages for fall events and associated services. “Click for more info!”

Protip: Make sure you mention the “pain points” that your service will remove. It’s all about solving problems in fall.

Week 2

Subject: Can I get fit before Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Audience: Prospective clients.

Goal: Explain what’s possible between now and the holidays if—and only if—people start working now.

Key points: You find out exactly what clients want to accomplish, then put together an exact plan for the next few months. Be sure to give examples of realistic goals and describe the paths toward them—group classes, PT, nutrition coaching, etc. Apply some urgency by explaining that people who wait to start are losing time to make progress. If they have goals, now is the time to address them.

Link and call to action to include: The URL for your booking page. “Book a free consultation now!”

Protip: When promoting this blog on social media, ask for comments and DMs about current goals. Respond to all comments/messages and direct the conversation toward a free consultation.

Week 3

Subject: The 3 best foods for fall (and 3 to avoid).

Audience: General community.

Goal: Give people some seasonal ideas on what to eat and highlight your nutrition services.

Key points: Use the season change to highlight great local produce that’s now available. Be sure to mention other local businesses, farmers markets and so on. Then talk about three seasonal things that might not be ideal in excess: like a sugar-filled pumpkin spice beverage.

Link and call to action to include: The URL for your nutrition-coaching page. “Work with a nutrition coach!”

Protip: Don’t shame anyone or make fun of food choices. Just point out things that might be OK as a treat but not preferred as part of a daily routine.

Week 4

Subject: Three quick basement workouts for busy parents.

Audience: General community.

Goal: Generate some website traffic by helping parents get a workout in as they try to balance work with child care, back-to-school activities and any pandemic-related issues in your area.

Key points: Something is better than nothing! Assure readers that a 10-minute workout can be effective, and help stressed parents find motivation to get moving. Lay out three short, simple workouts they can do at home with no equipment or very common items. Be sure to give an easier and a harder option for each workout.

Link and call to action to include: Your email address. “Contact me for more workout ideas!” Supply another workout and direct the conversation toward a free consultation if you get messages.

Protip: Set busy people up for success with simple movements. Leave the Turkish get-ups out and get people moving rather than searching for instruction videos.

Week 5

Topic: Client spotlight.

Audience: Special client and prospective clients.

Goals: Make one of your best clients feel great and offer some social proof to people who are thinking about contacting you.

Key point: Pick a person who represents your client avatar and sing the client’s praises loudly. Tell the client’s story. Talk about when and why the client joined, recent successes, commitment over summer, attitude, habits, goals for fall and so on. Make the person “real” for your audience.

Link and call to action to include: URL for your client stories page. “Click for more stories!”

Protip: Be sure to make it clear how this client solved problems and accomplished goals in your business. You want similar people to take similar steps.

Do It or Delegate It!

That’s your five-week content plan.

Use it on its own to get into the habit of publishing or add these ideas to your content plan to increase output.

Final protip: Send this article to a staff member and ask him or her to follow the plan to increase authority and grow your audience.


One more thing!

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