3 Years, 500+ Gyms: Happy Two-Brain Day!

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You can read why I did it here.
There are over 500 entrepreneurs in the TwoBrain family now. These are 500 gym owners (and other service companies) who are in the game for the right reasons; who practice “help first” and build profitable businesses from their care.
500 is just a start, but a large group creates a platform that none of us would have alone. For example:

  • The “best practices” we teach evolve faster with a larger data set
  • The templates we give are 10x better than the originals were
  • The mentorship we share has been successful hundreds of times in every scenario
  • There’s more than enough support for those struggling in our midst.

500 also creates opportunities that no single gym owner has:

  • Health insurance companies want to talk about packages
  • Software companies pitch US on improvements, instead of vise versa
  • We can create media that actually benefits gym owners
  • We can build collaborative relationships between gyms in the same city (no, really)
  • We have buying power on software and equipment

Best of all: 500 gyms proves that you can make a great career in fitness without feeling like a slimebag or a martyr. Or making wild guesses (like I had to, back in the old days) or feeling all alone out there.
500 proves that mentorship works; that processes make wealth; that service wins.
First with the head, then with the heart, then with the hands.
Logic, care, action.
Left-brain, right-brain, go!
Here’s some inspiration for all of you entrepreneurs out there!
Happy Two-Brain Day!
Here’s some advice, well-wishes and praise from some brilliant entrepreneurs in the TwoBrain Family!
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One more thing!

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