The 2024 Two-Brain Summit: Take Action Today!

Chris Cooper stands onstage in Chicago with a group of gym owners who achieved millionaire status in 2024.

I’m blown away by the Two-Brain Summit every year.

The annual event was once a small gathering with a lot of empty seats, but now it’s straining the ballrooms at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare.

In 2024, we had about 1,000 attendees, and we literally had to change the seating plan to accommodate the crowd.

It’s an amazing feeling to be among the best gym owners in the world—I hope you can experience this in 2025.

Check it out—I’m in this photo, along with 1,000 people who are changing the world one client at a time:

A group photo of 1,000 gym owners at the 2024 Two-Brain Business Summit in Chicago.

I and my staff feel a lot of pressure as we plan the event every year—not just because it’s challenging to organize a giant conference.

We feel pressure because we want to generate ROI for gym owners.

I want people to have fun and be inspired at the summit, of course. But if you know me, you’ll know I’m less about rah-rah, run-through-the-wall stuff and more about clear, focused action.

I’ve been to lots of conferences where I said “wow!” as an amazing speaker held the room. But if that speaker didn’t prompt me to do something to improve myself and my business, I set my admiration aside to find something actionable from another speaker.

We literally pick our summit speakers every year by asking “what do gym owners need to hear right now?” and then we challenge everyone who goes on stage to give gym owners clear actions they can take to build their businesses.

In the many summit rehearsals before the event, we asked our speakers, “What do you want people to do after they hear you speak?” And they had clear answers.

See, I don’t want the summit to be an expense for the people who attend. I want it to be an investment. I want everyone to leave with tools that will help them generate more revenue, close more sales, build stronger teams and serve clients better.

Build Your Business!

In 2024, I believe we sent 1,000 people home with clear next steps, and that fires me up because I know what happens when the right people take the right actions at the right time. Think rocket ships and fireworks.

I talked to a host of people in Chicago, and they were all fired up and ready to improve their businesses—and they had a to-do list to help them get moving.

I even saw people taking action on the spot as owners connected with the coaches they had brought and said, “What did you learn and how can we improve the gym right away?” (The coaches had clear answers, such as, “Let’s start a 50-plus program next week!”)

If you were at the summit this year, I hope you’re crushing your to-do list and moving your business forward (drop me an email or DM to let me know).

If you weren’t there, we’ll keep telling you how to improve your business all year on all our platforms. Stay tuned and get ready to move!

And, of course, I’d like to invite you and your team to the 2025 summit. We’ve already started planning, and it’s going to be amazing. You’ll hang out with the best gym owners in the world, see the speakers who can help you most and then leave with clear next steps to improve your business.

See you in Chicago in 2025? Hope so!

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One more thing!

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