How to Make Money at the Two-Brain Summit

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Live events are fantastic for an entrepreneur.

I love meeting new people, networking, learning, and absorbing the energy and ideas in the room.

The best part? In a room packed with entrepreneurs, you realize that you aren’t alone and your problems aren’t unique or unsolvable. When you see solutions and feel supported, you take swift action. I love that.

Every year, we put on the Two-Brain Summit to bring the world’s best fitness entrepreneurs together. And we fill the stage with the people gym owners and coaches need to hear from right now.

Our team puts a lot of pressure on these speakers: They are charged with getting you to take action. And I don’t mean this in a rah-rah, ethereal, climb-the-mountain kind of way. I mean I want our speakers to get you to do important work right in the room.

Here’s why that’s so important: One new action pays for the Summit and starts a chain reaction in your business.

For example, Joleen Bingham is going to help you create a staff journey on the spot so you can retain great people longer. That alone could save you tens of thousands of dollars and a lot of stress.​

Most people show up to events with a blank notebook and scribble down everything they can. It’s a mistake. They usually leave with a full notebook and too many jumbled bullet points. They don’t have a clue where to start when they get home.

Remember this: You don’t need to learn everything from every person who takes the stage. All you have to do is take one action.

Your Plan for the Two-Brain Summit

Here’s what to do at our Summit (or any other event):

  • Bring a notepad but keep it closed. Just listen. Instead of being a secretary, be a participant.
  • As soon as you’re inspired to do one actionable thing to move your business forward, leave the room with the notepad. Write down the exact thing you need to do and exactly how you’ll do it.
  • Then you have a choice: You can go back to your room and get to work or you can go back into the session. If you choose to head back inside, do this first: Block off time on your calendar to take action on the thing you put in the notebook.

Trust me: It’s more important to act on one thing than to learn a lot but do nothing.

And don’t worry: You’re not being impolite to the speaker when you follow this plan; you’re just getting better ROI. If literally everyone leaves the room in the middle of my talk to take action and grow their businesses, I’ll feel like the greatest speaker in the world.

You can, of course, listen to all the speakers. Any resounding ideas they present will stick with you. But if you plan to do two things, you’re less likely to do either. And if you try to do everything, you’ll probably do nothing.

So use that notebook to log The One Thing, and then make it happen fast.

Action and Your Team

It’s really easy to get positive ROI on a summit event. But most people don’t because they try to learn as much as possible and then fail to take any action.

If you’re worried this might be you, bring your team and assign clear actions to them as the Two-Brain Summit goes on.

That sounds like CEO work, doesn’t it?

One Final Tip

Here’s one more piece of advice you can use at the Summit or any other live event: Show up with a goal.

Just like we ask gym clients to set goals, I want you to set a goal for the Summit before you get there. Doing so will bring focus and help you take action.

Some examples:

  • “My goal is to learn how to keep clients longer.”
  • “My goal is to build an ascension model for my staff.”
  • “My goal is to learn how to generate referrals.”

If you have a goal, you’ll be on high alert for anything that can help you accomplish it, and when you leave on Sunday with the goal crossed off the list, you’ll have the same feeling your clients get when they hit a squat PR or do their first pull-up. You’ll know that you took clear action to move your business forward over the weekend.

So what’s your goal for the Summit?

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