Two-Brain’s 2022 State of the Industry Survey Is Live!

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Which direction would you prefer as a gym owner?

This: “You should totally do this at your gym. It worked for me.”

Or this: “We reviewed thousands of data points collected over years, and then we tested this tactic thoroughly. We can tell you with certainty that it will measurably improve your business.”

If you prefer the first approach, feel free to click out of this article now. I wish you all the best.

If you prefer the second approach, read on.

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Two-Brain’s entire program is based on data. That’s why it produces swift, huge return on investment, and it’s why mentorship is producing more and more certified millionaires.

Chris Cooper and his team have collected an incredible data set, so we can quickly discard nonsense, BS, flashes in the pan and one-hit wonders when it comes to gym-building tactics. To be sure the remaining stuff is legit, we test it. If it passes a rigorous test, Two-Brain rolls the tactics out to clients, and we produce some free content to help other gym owners, too.

So where does the data come from? We collect it from our clients, and software providers supply it to help us improve the industry. And we get it right from Ground Zero—from gym owners just like you.

Every year, we collect data directly from gym owners in our State of the Industry survey, and we publish it—with analysis—in a special report. In 2022, after two tumultuous years, we need your input more than ever so we can present the info you need to succeed in 2023.

Fill out the 2023 State of the Industry survey.

The survey will take you about five minutes. After we close the survey in September, we’ll set to work on analysis. We retain an independent data expert to package the data, and our team digs into the numbers to tell you exactly what’s happening in our industry right now.

In December, we’ll publish the detailed report and share it with you so you can use the numbers to make good decisions.

And if you want an expert to help you move even faster, you can work with a mentor to blow past the averages in the report and reach greater levels of success.

Here’s the survey one more time: 2023 State of the Industry survey.


One more thing!

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