2022 Summit Preview: 2 Stages

Two people high five atop a mountain peak with a sunset in the background.

This year, the Two-Brain Summit is back with two stages: one for gym owners and one for coaches.

Get your tickets for the June 4-5 event in Chicago here (after your first ticket, you can buy as many as you like for your team for only $99):

On the Owners Stage

Sarah Robb O’Hagan: Change the Game by Playing Your Own—How to Build an Unbeatable Company

Ashley Haun: Learning to Lead

Jeff Jucha: Hire Your Dream Team

Kenny Markwardt: Building Career Coaches—From “Hire” to “Retire”

Per Mattsson: Leading Through Change

Tiffy Thompson: Selling by Chat—Secrets of a Virtual Dating Assistant

Colm O’Reilly: The Four Funnels

Chris Cooper: IMPACT!

On the Coaches Stage

Gilbert Dougherty: How to Sell More and Help Clients

Oskar Johed: 3 Steps to More Money, Less Work and Greater Impact

Mike Watson: The Art of Coaching—5 Tools Every Career Coach Needs

Joleen Bingham: How to Gain More 1-on-1 Clients in 90 Days

Jeff and Mikki Martin: Brand X® Base Build Boost—Proven Youth Program Success

Nick Lambe: Sleep Coaching—Increase Income and Impact​

ROI and Action

It’s really easy to get a huge ROI at the summit: Just take action on any single thing presented by any of the speakers listed above.

But more important than the money is the connection: You need to be around gym owners. Your coaches need to be around other coaches.

The real value of the summit is proving you’re not alone out there. You need to meet the other owners and coaches who will march into the future beside you. And I’d love to introduce them to you in Chicago!

Get tickets here.


One more thing!

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