2022 Summit Preview: Chris Cooper

A closeup of the steel balls of a Newton's cradle, with one ball about to strike another.

You didn’t start a gym to make money. You started a gym to make an impact.

You knew that if you could change one life, you could start a ripple effect that can last decades.

You knew that if you could start a movement in your town, you could change the trajectory of its humans.

You knew that if you could influence 10 people, you might trigger a worldwide change.

And you were right.

You can change a life.

You can change a town.

You can change the world.

At our Summit this year on June 4 and 5 in Chicago, I’m going to talk about impact.

I’m going to tell you how you—and I and the fitness pros around the world—can change policy, change health and change lives in more meaningful ways than ever before.

I’m going to share the opportunities of this new world in which we find ourselves. And, yeah, I’m going to talk about the responsibilities, too.

I’m going to introduce you to allies, identify our targets and show you have to breathe new life into our collective mission.

This is your year.

The Summit is your starting line. I’ll see you there.

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