2017 TwoBrain Clients’ Choice Award

By Chris 2

Gyms owners enrolled in the TwoBrain Business mentorship program are dedicated to excellence.

They spend months working on systems to make your experience better; perfecting ‘best practices’; and collaborating on ideas that will improve your experience.

We celebrate their attention to detail (the “left brain”) and care (the “right brain”) in their fitness practice with our annual TwoBrain Awards Ceremony.

Each year at our annual Summit, we present awards to top-performing gym owners in our 7 Areas of Excellence. Many of these can be measured objectively through data collection and tracking. But one especially–Gym Culture–is beyond the limits of a spreadsheet.

So we turn to you: the client. YOU are the reason the gym owner wakes up at 4am. YOU are their pride, their passion and their purpose. Their gym exists to serve YOU.

How’s YOUR gym doing? Is it the best gym in the universe? Let us know!

Nominate the owner of YOUR gym for the prestigious 2017 TwoBrain Clients’ Choice Award:





Happy vally cross fit is a great place with friendly people encouraging o email another


Crossfit Oyster Point is an accommodating gym that meets everyone’s fitness needs. I have seen this demonstrated by classes and sessions devoted to people who are newer to fitness and watched them enjoy themselves. I have also seen members who are already in fine shape and just want to push through an intense WOD with friends. For me personally, the gym is paving the way for me to partake in competitions in a few months. There is no shortage of knowledgable and caring staff who are always willing to help you meet any of your fitness goals. What ever your trajectory may be, Crossfit OP is equipped to help you get there and enjoy yourself along the way.

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