1,000,000 Fitness Entrepreneurs: The Two-Brain Plan

A gold kettlebell with the Two-Brain Business logo sits under a lightbulb and among a dozen incubating eggs.

Our mission is to make 1,000,000 fitness entrepreneurs wealthy.
Here are the four steps we’re taking to get there.

Step 1: Fix

We’re going to fix the gyms that are already open and make those founders wealthy.

We’ve figured out what’s working, and we teach people to do those things. We’ve been doing that since I found my first mentor in 2009. Now we use data to help us figure out what’s best faster. We find the new best ideas in the industry, test them and deliver them to Two-Brain gym owners.
It’s harder to fix an existing gym than it is to open a new gym. So we’ve spent years mentoring gym owners to fix the early mistakes they made, just as I did back then.
But when we take these lessons and share them with people before their gyms open, those entrepreneurs zoom to wealth in three years instead of 15.

Step 2: Inspire Through Education

We’re going to make coaches more entrepreneurial.

This happens by encouraging fitness coaches to build their own brands under other people’s umbrellas or to open their own gyms with the help of their current owners.
We’re going to accomplish this by taking our existing best resource (the coaches in Two-Brain gyms), enriching them with business knowledge and then weaponizing them by helping them build careers. In some cases, gym owners will license their brands to their coaches and help them own their own businesses. In others, gym owners will help the coaches make more money coaching.
If you own a gym, you can jump straight to this step by downloading our free Intrapreneurialism 101 guide. Help your coaches build their careers in a way that builds your gym—instead of builds your future competition.

Step 3: Create

We’re going to make more coaches.
This is what Two-Brain Coaching is for: to help us pump a million new fitness coaches into the world. If each coach can change 150 lives, we can affect change in the world’s health. And we can do it the right way: all the right things for all the right people for all the right reasons. We’ll do it with data and proof instead of fake supplements and influenced legislation.
We’re method agnostic. We don’t care if coaches improve fitness through pull-ups or pole dancing. We just want a healthier world.

Step 4: Generate Clients

We’re going to create more clients for Two-Brain gyms.
This is where Two-Brain Media is already helping: We need to educate people on the value of fitness, we need to help them avoid the opiated decline into death, and we need to teach them how to take control of their lives.

We can do this. We don’t have to wait for people to find CrossFit or Pilates or boot camp, then wait for them to fall in love with an ideology, then wait for them to decide to open a box. We don’t have to hope that doctors will embrace our philosophy of fitness and somehow create an audience to support themselves.

We have all the parts. We have all the data. Best of all, we have the will to do so.
We don’t have to wait for anyone else. Not anymore.

Our First Focus

We want to make current gym owners wealthiest of all because they deserve a reward for figuring all this out.
Here’s the thing about wealth: It’s the best reason to open a business. Wealth is the freedom of money and time. Wealth is unattainable in a nine-to-five despite what we were told in school. You can’t save your way to wealth, and you can’t cut your way to wealth. Wealth requires risk.
And entrepreneurs who risk everything to help others become healthy? They’re the most deserving people on Earth.
If more gym owners become wealthy, more people will be drawn to gym ownership. Current gym owners will stay in the game longer because they’ll see a light at the end of the tunnel. More lives will be saved.
We’ve mapped the path to wealth. When you’re ready for some direction in your business, book a free call with my team.

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