What leads to your decisions?

Why do things always seem to go wrong in your business? When looking at how you make decisions do you consider what has lead to the place that you are making the decision? Do you have the option of making this decision or are you forced to make it because you see no other options?
I remember a time where I was coaching a minimum of 6 hours a day. I was burnt out and was, over time, providing less and less value in every class. I wished that someone would walk through the door and put their hand up to say that they would like to coach. I had no plan to find a qualified coach nor did I have a system that would prevent me from making a mistake when hiring a new coach. My wish came true and someone came to me to say that they would like to coach! Fantastic I thought! “You are in, you can have all my morning classes”.  I walked away with a sigh of relief; this was going to solve all my problems.
Remember, my problem was simply that I didn’t want to coach so much any more. So having a new “coach” was everything I needed, right? Nope. This person turned out to not have the qualifications or people skills I required, and had a different approach to how I wanted the class to be run.  The decision turned out to be a complete disaster and I had no one to blame but myself.
The decision to hire came from pure desperation to solve my perceived problem.  I should have first developed systems and procedures for hiring, firing, contracts, how to run a class, coaches responsibilities, and a code of ethics.  Had I done this, I would not have lost clients and it would have prevented the negative impact on my reputation.The importance of mitigating bad decisions cannot be over stated. Stop wasting time, sit down today and look at where you need systems. If you don’t already have a staff manual start there, that process will illuminate other areas of need.


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