We are Grateful for YOU

At this time of celebrating family, friends and showing gratitude, we would be remiss if we didn’t express our thanks to you, our clients, and our mentors/ team members who “make it happen”.
Our clients give us the gift and opportunity to do what we love.
Our committed mentors live our values, and are committed to “help first”, they inspire us every day with their enthusiasm and drive.
We could share many stories from the course of the year that illustrate the commitment level from each and every one of them, but have selected one to represent them all.
Recently our mentor Ken had a post on the private member page on FB that illustrates the spirit TBB live by and we thought we would share it (i.e. brag) as an illustration of why we are so grateful to work with this team.  Below is a summary of that post:
“I met Ken this year in March or April I’m not exactly sure. On Nov 1st, 2016 a house I have on Cape Breton Island flooded quite badly, I was in Calgary upon my arrival to the house I was devastated to discover 20 inches or so of water in the house . Hurricane Matthew did a real number on the whole town , after three days waiting for insurance people to come the insurance adjuster explain I was 188 on the list of the houses to visit . After explaining there was black mold forming on the walls she said take pictures and you will have to rip it out yourself . The next day I began by myself a very giant removal of a disaster , Ken Andrukow had texted me and asked how I was doing and I explained to him the circumstances of the disaster my deceased parents former house was in . Within an hour he texted me back saying help is on the way and sure enough within 30 minutes a knock on the door and 7 women and men were at my door, Ken asked us to come help you , within 3 or 4 hours the flood damaged basement was in the driveway , nothing short of a lifesaving gesture by a group of young people that belong to Glace Bay CrossFit club D10 who by the way were dealing with the loss of their own club . That’s the kind of man Ken is. I’m sure our members already know the kind of leader he is just wanted to say it myself. Thank you again Ken for being there in my moment of crisis . “
I think this speaks for itself.
Best of the season to you and your families


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