Gym Owners: Take Action and Thrive in 2024

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Chris Cooper (00:02):
I want you to take action and thrive in 2024. I’m Chris Cooper. This is “Run a Profitable Gym.” And you already know that January is a big month in the fitness industry. People are joining gyms. They want to start the new year on the right foot, but it should also be a big month for you, the gym owner, not just for your gym. Now, of course, I want your gym to thrive. I want your staff members to be fulfilled and doing their best work and earning the money that they want to earn. And I want your clients to accomplish their goals and create a lifetime of health and fitness for them and their families. But more than that, I want you to be successful because if you are not living the life that you want, your staff members, your clients and your business all suffer. Now, maybe not right away.

Chris Cooper (00:46):
Maybe it takes a while. I know gym owners can push through discomfort and stress, but if you’re struggling, you’re going to get tired of it at some point. You’re going to get tired of fighting over the grocery bill, getting up at six, going to bed at nine, and not seeing any progress. That’s not good for anybody. So, starting today, I want you to prioritize your personal success in 2024 because you deserve it, and I know you: Your success will trickle down. If you’re personally fulfilled and well fed, that happiness will supercharge your staff members, your clients, and your community. To help you out, I’m going to write messages like this, or come on podcasts, or do videos for you all year long—almost every day if you want to. You can hear something from me that’s going to be actionable, tactical, that you can just go out and do.

Chris Cooper (01:34):
Instead of opinions and expert stories, I want to give you tactical advice so that you can actually grow your gym, and you’re not leaving these podcasts asking the question, “Yeah, Coop, but what do I do? I want to tell you what to do. If you’ve been reading along in the past, first, thank you. These conversations fulfill me. They’re part of my perfect day. And in 2024, I want you to do more than read. I want you to take action that will move you closer to your perfect day as an entrepreneur. Every day, I want you to do one thing that will improve your business or improve your life. If you’re not making a hundred thousand dollars a year yet, or not making close to what you want, then spend that time improving your business knowing that that will ultimately improve your life. If you’re already making more than that, it’s time to refocus on building your lifestyle.

Chris Cooper (02:23):
Now, in that 40 minutes every day, you don’t have to do anything major, like build a giant sales funnel from start to finish or plan out a three month vacation. Some days, your action could be as simple as just texting somebody who missed their free consultation or maybe setting up your bank to give you a $50 raise or finishing work early to spend two hours in the park with your kids. It doesn’t matter what you do; that’s up to you. But I want to know that you’re spending 40 minutes every day doing one thing to grow your business. Because if you do that, you’re going to make amazing progress in 2024. Your business will grow. You’ll move toward financial and entrepreneurial freedom, and that’s the goal that I have for you. So now let’s talk about tactics and action. If you keep following along with the blog in 2024 and you keep listening to the podcast, watching the videos, you’re going to get a steady stream of advice and insight designed to help you improve your business and live the life you want.

Chris Cooper (03:18):
It’s going to be actionable, not just pie in the sky, untested opinion. “I saw this thing on Reddit, so now I’m going to tell it to you.” If you know me, you know that I’m not big on flashy messages on YouTube with like laser beams and confetti candidates. I’m a direct tactical person, and I run on data, and I know you don’t have time for random opinions and trying to figure out whether somebody’s telling you the truth or not. So, the messages that you see this year are going to be full of data backed tactics and tested strategies. Of course, I’m always going to tell you a few stories from my catalog of trials and tribulations as a gym owner, as well as tales of success from our amazing worldwide community of gym owners in Two-Brain. But more than anything else, you’re going to get clear directives that are tied to critical metrics, like “Do this to improve this today.”

Chris Cooper (04:08):
I send these messages to you to help you move forward and keep changing lives. I want your success to change your life, so you’re living your perfect day too. So, I hope you’ll enjoy reading these messages and listening to them as much as I enjoy writing them. And I’m looking forward to continuing our conversation in 2024. To make sure you don’t miss anything, add me to your email contact list. I’ll deliver you good stuff, tactics, data every single day, and I’ll tell you how to use it. I’m also going to invite you to follow us on your go-to social platform. So, Two-Brain is on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter. And you’ll find our “Run a Profitable Gym” podcast right here on your favorite platform. More than anything else, I want to talk to you in person. The best thing that you can do is go to and join the conversation there. It’s a free Facebook group. There’s 8,500 gym owners in there now from around the world, all of whom are positive. Nobody is sarcastic, everybody’s helpful, and they’re focused on how they can grow their gyms and other gyms to success too. I want 2024 to be your best year ever. I know you can do that with mentorship. I hope that you can do that, even whether you have a mentor or not, and I’m going to keep putting out stuff to help you until you’re ready to grow. Thank you for your service. Happy 2024.

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