Three Steps to Great Nutrition Content (and New Clients)

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By Lindsey VanSchoyck, Nutrition Business Specialist

You’re ready to launch your nutrition program. You have the perfect coach trained and ready to roll. You have your processes in place and your first nutrition clients signed up.

But now what? How do you keep your clients engaged? How do you create content to get new nutrition clients? And how do you present your program as something people need?

We have three easy steps that have worked to bring in numerous nutrition clients without any paid advertising.

1. Share Clients’ Results, Testimonials and Success Stories

Let your clients create your content. Through short videos, written testimonials and pictures, you can prove you get results with your nutrition program.

Clients love being recognized for their hard work and awesome results. Pick a day each week and make that day your “client success story day.” Your clients will most likely share your posts about them, which will put you in front of their audiences—people who might not be following your pages or accounts.

2. Show Your Audience You Care

Give away free content on your page. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Pick one day a week and post a nutrition and health tip using Canva or any other simple design tool.

The internet is full of places to research nutrition tips, and you can also use the Two-Brain Nutrition Coaching Course to create content. Post the tips to your social media accounts with a call to action to book a “no snack intro.”

3. Show You Are the Nutrition Pros

Don’t let impostor syndrome hold you back. You are the pro when it comes to getting your clients results and helping them make lifestyle changes. Don’t be afraid to show that your program is the best. You are not a fraud.

Your program doesn’t have to be perfect to start. If you are staying within your scope of practice and helping your clients make habit-based changes, you will show that you are an industry leader when it comes to helping clients make positive changes.

You don’t need someone to create fancy content for you, and you don’t need to be an expert to help people make lifestyle changes. Share your clients’ results. Let people know you’re the expert.

And most of all, just show that you care. In the end, the most successful nutrition programs have the highest level of care for clients.

Two-Brain Business clients get social media posts and white-label blog posts to copy and use—and all the content is fully licensed.


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