Sell by Chat for Gym Owners: Does It Work?


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Need to generate revenue fast? Chris Cooper has five quick wins on this edition of Two-Brain Radio.

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Chris Cooper here with a word about O2. Your gym members will love O2’s hydrating, non-carbonated beverages after a tough workout. Even better, O2 is a community-based brand that wants to give back to gyms. If you sell O2 at your gym, you get a free sponsored event every year. Gym owners who wholesale O2 also get their first order for a dollar. Visit to apply for an account today.

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Hey everybody, it’s Chris Cooper. And today I’m gonna give you five revenue-generating ideas to close out to 2021. Now this was originally published as a free guide in our free Facebook group, Gym Owners United, I’ll post a link to that in our show notes. But if you go in that group, we are regularly publishing content, just like this, giving out free guides because our mission is to help gym owners succeed.

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And so every week or two weeks, you’re gonna get free guides just like this. They’re immediately actionable and they’ll help you make more money. So here we go. Our top five revenue-generating ideas to close out the year. One of my most trusted staff members, Mike Warkentin, our editor, sent me this text last week and he said, what would be your top five list of ways to generate an end of year cash infusion for a gym? And I said, well, let me think about it for a little bit. So an hour later, I came back to him and I gave him these five ideas. And today I’m gonna walk through the details of each one. So the five ideas, if I needed to generate some income from my business between now and the new year, these are the five things that I would do: first, a retail presale.

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Second, I would make a blog post about the top gifts for CrossFiters with links to purchase on my site, third, I would offer like a save your spot for a January something, you know, maybe there’s a group OnRamp or whatever. Fourth, I would have a bring a friend holiday party and fifth, I would do some kind of January kickstart specialty program. Now Two-Brain clients have access to plug and play resources that reduce workload dramatically. So for example, we have tried and tested done for you kickstart programs that they can bolt into their plan at warp speed. And we can tell them exactly how to run a social event that will result in new clients. So if you’re already in Two-Brain, just ask your mentor for these details. And if you’re not a client, I still want to help. So just listen to the rest of this podcast.

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And if you need additional assistance, you can book a free call with my team any time to talk about mentorship. So here we go, the five ways that I would generate revenue between now and the end of the year. First up, the retail presale. Many of your members will buy your T-shirts whenever you sell them, you already know this, but you might not have a retail calendar in place to ensure you’re regularly putting out new gear. So now’s the time to create some apparel and market it for the gift giving season, but let’s be real. Retail sales aren’t going to generate as much cash as personal training or nutrition coaching, but most members won’t think twice about dropping 20 to $40 on a shirt or a hoodie. And every single dollar counts. If you can make money while getting happy people to wear your logo, that’s a huge win. Apparel sales don’t take much time either.

Chris (03:18):

Unless you start overthinking things and trying to be a fashion designer, don’t do that. The best part with a pre-order plan, you only need to purchase what you’ve already sold. It will be tempting to order extra apparel, but remember, we’re looking for a cash infusion. We don’t wanna tie up your money in inventory. So do this, contact your apparel provider and get the ball rolling right now with a design, then announce a pre-order and promote it on your social media, in classes, in your newsletter, et cetera. Here’s the easy button: Forever Fierce will get you going within like a day. They’ll design exactly what you need. And they’ll make sure that you’ve got the styles that will sell, and they’ll even teach you how to set up and run your presale. We do this at catalyst twice a year. It’s amazing. I don’t tie up money in inventory.

Chris (04:05):

Forever Fierce handles everything. Second way to generate revenue before the end of the year is to write a blog post called top gifts for CrossFiters or top gifts for yoga or whatever model, whatever method you teach at your gym, have a blog post saying top gifts for those people. A lot of people are looking for gift ideas right now. And especially as supply chain issues threaten to create shortages in some stores, people are having trouble figuring out what to buy their loved ones. You know, it’s hard in a normal year to figure out what to buy your spouse. But if you know that they love yoga, CrossFit, bootcamp, whatever you sell, then you can really help out people by showing them exactly like what to buy your clients. So do this: create a list of top gifts and feature your products and services. Get that list on your blog and send it to your mailing list.

Chris (04:57):

Tell members that they can purchase gifts for others, or send a list to their fan family and friends who are looking to buy for them. Then post on your social media, tell people to share it around. Hint. Hint. I’ve personally had a lot of success with this plan. I once had five people pay for PT packages in full as gifts. And that’s in addition to the other products and services we sold that year. You could sell gift cards. You could sell packages of like five personal training sessions. You could sell specialty group sessions, nutrition, kickoffs, whatever. Here’s an additional win. You know that old inventory that’s sitting in a box in your office? Put it up on display near your entrance. You have cash tied up in that inventory. So get rid of the stuff at the best time of year to make retail sales.

Chris (05:43):

One of our clients did this and recouped hundreds of dollars as clients bought from the rack of odds and ends. Now, we don’t recommend that you ever offer discounts, but when it comes to moving old goods and freeing up cash, you might consider dropping the price on a t-shirt from three years ago, selling an old shirt at cost is better for your bank account than using it to wipe down the rowing machines.

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Back to Two-Brain Radio in just a minute. Beyond the Whiteboard is the world’s premier workout tracking platform. Beyond the Whiteboard empowers gym owners with tools designed to retain and motivate members. We all know clients need to accomplish their goals if they’re going to stick around long term, and Beyond the Whiteboard will help your members chart their progress. They can earn badges view, leaderboards, track their macros, assess their fitness levels, and a lot more. Your job is to get great results for your members. Beyond the Whiteboard’s job is to make sure your members see those results and celebrate them. For a free 30-day trial, visit today.

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Third strategy: Run a save your spot for January promotion. Selling in advance is a great way to generate revenue, especially at the end of the year when revenue typically dips. You can recommend people save a spot for anything you offer like personal training sessions, nutrition coaching, specialty clinics, nutrition kickoffs, whatever. The key is to motivate people to commit. Now it’s all about generating a sense of urgency. So often all you have to do is put a cap on a program, you know, maximum 12 people and then tell people to grab a spot before they’re gone. When spots start going, let people know how many are left. FOMO is really powerful. Do this: pick a popular service and promote it on social media, on your website and in your newsletter. Make sure your call to action has a reason for people to act now, instead of waiting until January. Here are three examples.

Chris (07:33):

My schedule is filling up, book your January 22 personal training sessions now to make sure sure you get the time slots you want. Number two, wanna add nutrition coaching in 2022? Book this week, and I’ll have your program ready for you to hit the ground running on January 1st. Number three, we only have 10 spots available in our January weightlifting clinic, lock yours down before they’re gone. The fourth way I generate revenue before the end of the year is a bring a friend holiday party. You aren’t going to charge people to attend this party. You’re going to use it to get very warm leads into your pipeline. Your clients know you like you and trust you. So give them a gift, a chance to spend some time in your gym with a close acquaintance who might need some help getting fit. For the party, you can definitely include a simple workout or maybe give a nutrition presentation.

Chris (08:22):

You can also spend a little on snacks or beverages, but you don’t have to break the bank. Make sure you build in time for socialization so you can meet people and start conversations. So do this. If you’re inTwo-Brain, check out step nine in our affinity marketing guide, and you can even download the public version of this guide, the scaled down version of this guide. If you click on the link and I’ll put it in the show notes, then you just put together a simple evening so that you can meet the friends and family of your members, ask your clients to bring the people that they care about. Make sure you’ve got everybody’s email address and add it to your contact list. Just have people sign a waiver when they enter the gym, that’s all. And then you should also book free consultations with everybody who attends.

Chris (09:06):

You might get some signups right at the events, but more than likely if you book free consultations with other people, you’ll give yourself a great opportunity to make a sale to a high affinity client. The fifth way that I would make revenue before the end of the year is to run a January kickstart group. January is usually a great time in the fitness world. After the holiday season, people are very likely to do something new in an attempt to become fitter and healthier, so offer some way for them to do it, help them. And a great option is a nutrition kickstart. Two-Brain clients have a complete done for you program available, you know, just ask your mentor or it’s on the Growth ToolKit, but you should read “nutrition challenges are dead. Kickstarts are the answer” on our blog and I’ll post the link below.

Chris (09:52):

Then create a program that will run for about four weeks, start promoting it now and use the ideas that I outlined, to promote it earlier in the podcast, right? Push people to save a spot for January. Book now, pay for your sessions so that you know that you’re committed. You know that you’re in, you know, you’ve got a spot. And if you need a full marketing plan, there’s a blog post that I’ll link to called how to sell out any specialty program. The big bonus by presenting this as a kickstart, instead of a challenge with a see you later end date, ongoing coaching will be seen as the next step. So be sure to talk about what happens after the kickstart ends while you’re delivering the program. Now, of course, some people who start a kickstart won’t continue, but nobody will be surprised when you bring up ongoing coaching.

Chris (10:37):

In fact, you aren’t delivering full value on the kickstart if you don’t tell people how to keep moving toward their goals after the kickstart ends. After experiencing your high level of service for a month and seeing progress, some participants will be very eager to find out how to keep going. When the kickstart begins, make sure you schedule a goal review with each kickstart participant. So you can sit down at the end and discuss options for ongoing coaching. A kickstart can provide great front end revenue, but also ongoing revenue if you run it properly and I’ve got another resource for you that will help you think of creative ways to provide ongoing services. It’s called how to run specialty courses every day of the year. And the link is in the show notes. Once again, if you’re interested in working with a Two-Brain mentor to add these things to an annual plan so you’re not just scrambling at the last minute, you can click a link to book with our team and talk about joining the Two-Brain family. Hope it helps. Happy holidays.

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Thanks for listening to Two-Brain Radio. If you aren’t in the Gym Owners United group on Facebook, this is my personal invitation to join. It’s the only public Facebook group that I participate in. And I’m there all the time with tips, tactics, and free resources. I’d love to network with you and help you grow your business. Join Gym Owners United on Facebook.


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