Two-Brain Mentorship: From Free Help to Earning More Than $100,000 Per Year

Two-Brain Mentorship: From Free Help to Earning More Than $100,000 Per Year

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How does Two-Brain mentorship work? You’ll find out today on this episode of “Run a Profitable Gym.” If you wanna see the resources mentioned in the show, check our YouTube channel for the video. Here’s Two-Brain founder Chris Cooper.

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Hey, I’m Chris Cooper. I’m the founder of Two-Brain Business, and sometimes people who have just found us ask me, “What is Two-Brain?” Two-Brain is the largest mentorship practice for gym owners in the world. We work one on one with gym owners to help them grow their gyms, expand their impact and save more lives. Here’s how we do it. The first level of our mentorship practice is free. We have been publishing free blog posts every day for a decade to help people grow their gyms, and now we consolidate all those free podcasts and blog posts and YouTube videos and tools and tactics into one place called Gym Owners United. This is a free public Facebook group that you can join just by going to There are 7,000 gym owners in there, and you’ll see: Here are some of the free guides that we just hand out.

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This is free. It’s not the same as mentorship, but it’s better than most mentorship programs. We hear that all the time: “Your free stuff is better than everybody else’s paid stuff.” From there, when you’re ready, you enter our actual mentorship practice, and everybody starts with a program that we call RampUp. RampUp is a 12-week sprint to help you build the systems that will run your gym. It will help you get clients at a new higher value that pay you what you’re actually worth. It will help you improve your average revenue per member, the number of members that you have, how long each member stays, how much you’re paid per hour in your gym. And it will get you a better return on all of your other investments, too. And at the end, you get to give yourself a raise, which I absolutely love. I wanted to make sure that the RampUp program, even by itself without the rest of our mentorship, pays for itself and gets you a great return on investment.

Chris Cooper (01:50):
And it does. The average ROI on RampUp is more than double its price. So here’s just a quick view of what people work on as they’re going through our process. You start with RampUp, and then when you’re ready, you go into Growth Phase. And then finally Tinker. And I’m gonna walk you through each one in more depth here. But the goal of RampUp is just to get you at least a return on your investment while you’re building the systems that will run your gym for the next 30 years, including marketing systems, sales systems, retention systems, staff ascension systems and more In Growth Phase, we’re gonna go all in on what’s working. We’re going to help you grow your gym through adding staff, adding equipment, space, et cetera. All the Growth stuff: marketing different funnels, that kind of thing.

Chris Cooper (02:35):
And in Tinker, we really want you to build enough wealth so that you can retire from this, provide your family with what they want, and, you know, just keep growing your empire if you want to. So when you’re in RampUp, I talked to you about the goals. Here’s a sample: Toward the end of RampUp, we wanna make sure that you’ve got new members, that you’re getting a great return on the program. Here’s some of the ways that we lay it out. You’re gonna go through coursework. You’re gonna work one on one with a mentor. This is not a group-coaching program where you’re on this call with 50 other people or even five other people. It’s you one on one growing your gym with your mentor, okay? And toward the end of RampUp, we wanna make sure that you’re making new revenue.

Chris Cooper (03:16):
Here’s our sales plan. We want you to work through all of this and make sure that you’re actually growing. Okay? So we do all these different things, all in RampUp. We tell you exactly how to do all of them. Next, you go into the Growth Phase, and the Growth Phase is where now we’re gonna go all in on what’s working. So now you’ve got operational systems, and we’re gonna focus mostly on what’s required to grow. While there are some fundamental marketing strategies that I just showed you in RampUp, in Growth we’re gonna optimize them, and we’re gonna go all in on what’s working best. It’s different for everybody. And so now you have a lot more going on with staff and expansion and equipment—everything. So in Growth, you have a toolkit. You’re still gonna work one on one with a mentor. You’re gonna get on a monthly call with them.

Chris Cooper (04:01):
They’re going to look at all of your different metrics here. They’re gonna help you decide what your priority is for growth. They’re gonna give you exactly the tools that you need. I’m just kind of scrolling through some of the tools that we give you. You can see this stuff if you check the video on YouTube. These are all full courses with all the tools and templates, job descriptions, scripts—everything that you need, everything to help you grow your business faster. You don’t have to sort through all the free content, read all the books. It’s just like, “Here you go. Here’s all the stuff that you need.” You know, you need your content done for you? Don’t sign up for AI. Click our Content Vault. And these are proven strategies, by the way. These are not just somebody’s brainstorm. We’ve used them. We’ve collected the data on them. We know that they work. Once you’re done Growth Phase, you’ve achieved a hundred thousand dollars per year, right?

Chris Cooper (04:44):
So now you know that you have a sustainable business that can support you and your family. This was a dream that I couldn’t even see in 2008. You know that you can make a good living, and, best of all, you can do it without sacrificing your values. You can build a business that you’re proud to own without resorting to slimy gimmicks and tactics and crap like that. Now that you’ve built this, though, you can get into Tinker Phase, right? So now you have built a good income. You know that you can do it. You’re helping other people make a career. But I want you to grow to the point where you have a future. So you need to build enough wealth where you can retire or scale up your fitness empire to have multiple locations or we say “become a millionaire” because that will set you up to have options and create impact.

Chris Cooper (05:29):
In 2022, we created 27 brand new millionaires. And in the first two months of 2023, we created six more. We also select future mentors for Two-Brain from that Tinker program because we want CrossFit affiliates and other types of gym owners to have actually proven themselves to be successful before we let them coach other people. So then we hire the best to coach others, and that’s why the best CrossFit owners can work with like the best CrossFit mentors—because they’ve actually proven that they can be successful. They’re not just saying that “this is how the Two-Brain system works.” We have an ethos of “help first.” We always wanna make gym owners successful even before they sign up for our program. I want to give you the tools that will pay for it, but at every step of the way, we wanna make sure that we have an amazing ROI on our program, doing it the best way that we possibly know how, which is one-on-one mentorship. I hope to see you in our practice. I hope you keep growing your gym, expanding your impact and saving more lives.

Chris Cooper (06:28):
We created the Gym Owners United Facebook group to help you run a profitable gym. Thousands of gym owners just like you have already joined in the group. We share sound advice about the business of fitness every day. I answer questions, I run free webinars, and I give away all kinds of great resources to help you grow your gym. I’d love to have you in the group. It’s Gym Owners United on Facebook, or go to to join. Do it today!

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