Congratulations! You’re in the Founder Phase.

That’s the first of three phases.

You should be very excited: You have an amazing opportunity in front of you. No matter how successful your business is right now, you’re leaving money on the table.

Get this: The average gym owner who filled out our gym check-up survey in 2018 could have earned an extra $45,000 that year just by increasing average retention by two months.

You’re obviously invested in your business and care about your clients, so here’s more great news about retention: It’s not that hard to quickly move from Founder Phase to Farmer Phase. Right now, your systems are basic, or you haven’t got any systems. That’s OK: We can help you build systems that are proven to get results.

Here’s how it works: The Two-Brain Growth ToolKit contains all the best practices from gyms around the world that have great retention. We’ve collected, tested and refined these practices, and we know they work. They’re all laid out for you step by step, and you’ll increase length of engagement—and revenue!—every time you pass a milestone on our Growth ToolKit.

The best part: You aren’t on your own. An experienced, certified Two-Brain mentor will help you target the work that will bring the greatest reward.

In the Founder Phase, it’s easy to focus on the wrong things and spend your precious time grinding yourself into dust. Some get trapped in this stage and hate life while they burn out and go broke. Others thrive and reach Farmer Phase quickly.

Follow the Growth ToolKit to ascend fast and make more money through retention—don’t ram your head against the bars forever. A mentor will be your guide. Through mentorship, you’ll learn how to value your time and where to spend your energy.

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