In the Founder phase, the entrepreneur leaps off the cliff with his big idea. His goal is simple: to survive.

He opens his business. He buys his equipment and supplies. He signs the lease, the loan, and the letter of intent. He flips the open sign on the door. Then what? The Founder’s big idea might leverage a better life, but his labor is the fulcrum. And that’s understood by the Founder, who embraces the romantic ideal of the entrepreneur: poring over the books at midnight, a trace smear of flour or gym chalk on his tired face, pondering the next step up the ladder to success. #hustle #grind

The Founder phase takes a heavy toll — physically exhausting, financially terrifying, and the largest strain on every personal relationship the Founder has. My job as mentor is to get the Founder out of the Founder phase as quickly as possible. Many businesses never survive this phase.

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