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Commander Mark Divine is the founder of SEALFit. He’s the author of Unbeatable Mind, The Way of the SEAL, 8 Weeks To SEALFIT and his new book, Kokoro Yoga.

In this episode, Mark talks about using Yoga to develop a warrior’s mindset and improve athleticism. This isn’t the foo-foo stretchy-pants-and-fancy-mats yoga from a Lululemon poster: this is the battle-born practice of preparation.

0:00 – Commander Divine talks about his background and development: being trained as an accountant, and finding his way to war

7:00 – Mark finds CrossFit

7:40 – “Yoga is really a personal development system”

10:00 – Developing SealFIT, the “working out” program and the “working in” program

10:45 – Kokoro Camp is a test

11:40 – “Not everyone in the world is attracted to SEALFit-type training. My desire is to reach as many people as possible.” Mark talks about using his service to approach entrepreneurs and corporate types in a different path from athletes.

15:50 – The Flow State

20:20 – “Yoga means integration.” Mark talks about the functional movements of CrossFit and getting into the “flow state.”

21:55 – “Thinking Body, Dancing Mind” by Chungliang Al Huang

25:20 – Why getting “pumped up” for sports isn’t always best – practicing mental power vs triggering the “arousal state”

28:00 – How to introduce yoga to warriors and athletes in your gym

29:00 – “Mobility and durability are just a side effect of yoga.”

30:30 – Mark talks about his first “airline yoga” on a transport into Baghdad

33:30 – Stripping down yoga in a war zone

40:00 – What yoga REALLY is

44:40 – The importance of understanding WHY you’re doing anything

45:50 – The best ways for gyms to introduce yoga into their practice

49:00 – “Coach” vs “Senior Student”

50:50 – Mark’s dog has a dream about snatching

51:10 – Why you need mental development to help avoid injury

54:10 – How to win the battle before it starts

54:55 – The 80/20 rule of starting a yoga practice

57:00 – Keeping “the main thing” your main thing

1:00:00 – Mark lists his mentors

1:02:00 – “Feeding the courage wolf” and teaching the concept to kids

1:06:00 – Mark’s advice to CrossFit affiliates


Recorded on May 10, 2016.