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Brian Alexander has cracked your dad’s code.

Alexander owns CrossFit Illumine, and his “Legends” program is for adults aged 50-80.

The program focuses on mobility, strength–and cognition, using “BrainWODs.”

Many gym owners realize the opportunity for training older adults, but Alexander has actually run with the ball. And his seniors run along with him–or pedal bikes, or even use their walker on 400m intervals.


Some of Alexander’s “Legends.” Original credit for the name goes to Mike Warkentin of CrossFit 204.

Every gym owner is aware of the “Baby Boomer” market–that massive way of the newly-retired–but most aren’t sure how to attract seniors into their program. The key, says Alexander, is to understand what THEY want–or what their kids want FOR them.

Many of these 50-60-year-olds are watching their parents decline into decrepitude, physically and mentally, and think, “That’s never going to happen to me.” At the same time they might perceive a regular CrossFit class to be beyond their capacity. Some will seek Personal Training; but others will be attracted to Alexander’s model. And we go through the pricing, programming and marketing components in this episode.

Tyler Belanger is cofounder of IgniteGym and co-author of Enrichment Through Exercise. His daily BrainWODs are being used in gyms around the world to help special populations and add cognitive enrichment to exercise classes. BrainWODs can be a differentiating element in your Seniors’ program, and research shows it’s the ONLY buttress against cognitive decline. IgniteGym’s “101” course launches today (they only take 50 gyms at a time.)

This episode is sponsored by Created by Dr. Phillip Carlyle, SpinalFit is a great course to take if you’re interested in working with seniors. On Thursday, February 11, Dr. Carlyle and I will host a TwoBrain Webinar showing a recorded SpinalFit class for seniors and then stick around for questions. Stay tuned to the TwoBrainCoaching Facebook page for registration info (it’s free.)

In “Critical Questions,” I address a hot topic in the TwoBrainBusiness Facebook group: can a gym grow TOO fast? In sharp contrast to other interpretations of gym growth data, some owners in the Two-Brain program are seeing growth at a rate that might actually bury other gyms. Link: Are Some Gyms Growing Too Fast?