Coronavirus Response: April 29

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Daily Update

As restrictions on gyms are lifted in some areas, we’re in constant contact to find out what steps owners are taking to reopen successfully—as well as the steps they wish they’d taken in advance. Our checklist (see Key Resources below) was compiled with the help of gym owners who have already reopened their doors as governments slowly lift restrictions in the covid-19 crisis.
Most of the recommendations on our checklist are things you can do now—actions you can take today instead of waiting and stressing about someone else’s timeline.

Today’s Tactic

Take action. Waiting for your local government to give you the green light to run your business is frustrating. Work through the “before reopening” section of the checklist below today. By working on things you can control, you’ll feel better.


Texas to reopen some businesses May 1. Gyms might be able reopen in the second half of May after officials review data from the initial wave of reopenings:

Key Resources

Chris Cooper: “The Reopening Checklist”

Click here to visit and bookmark our COVID resources page.

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