Client Spotlight: Adam Gray

A portrait of gym owner Adam Gray.

Ever since Adam Gray started doing CrossFit, he thought “it would be really cool to open a gym. It’s just a great way to help others and have a great community.”

In 2018, when the opportunity to revamp an old pet adoption facility came up, he jumped at the chance.

But for CrossFit Goose Creek, things didn’t go as planned.

“We weren’t profitable,” Adam said. “I knew all the right things to do. I just didn’t know the most important thing to do right now. I thought, ‘I gotta get a mentor.’”

Adam had found Two-Brain Radio, and he made the call after checking out the many free tools offered by founder Chris Cooper.

Working with this mentor, Adam focused on the intro process.

“On-ramp, plus me having sales conversations—that was the biggest (improvement). The biggest shift was me selling more. I (used to) not counter objections, but now having price points laid out in a pricing binder—holy cow, that was incredible.”

His previous processes weren’t optimal: “We used to just offer free trials. What I wasn’t realizing is that I was throwing you into a class, which can be intimidating, confusing, hectic. And I turned that person off CrossFit because it was too much. That sucks, because given enough time, maybe it changes your life—like mine.”

The solution? An better intro process.

“On-ramp is a way to really teach people what we are doing here, how you should be moving safely, the right thing to focus on,” Adam said.

The results have been remarkable.

“Pretty much everyone converts into a monthly member after on-ramp,” Adam said. “Our metrics exploded. We float around $210-$230 (average revenue per member). Revenues have been hitting all-time highs. (Length of engagement) is steadily increasing. Everything has gone up.”

He continued: “Now, I’m pretty dang close to my Perfect Day. I’ve got a good bit of freedom. I enjoy getting up early, working out, easing into the morning and drinking coffee. I’m enjoying being in the gym here and there, coming home to be with the kids, (doing) whatever I need to do around the house. It’s hard to say what I could do to make this better.”


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