Client Spotlight: Katie Majewski Feeley

Katie Feeley

After helping others run their gyms, Katie Majewski Feeley wanted to go out on her own. In 2015, she opened her bricks-and-mortar location: Power Plant Gym.

After a few years of “muddling my way through,” Katie had a friend alert her to Two-Brain mentorship. When COVID hit, she took the plunge.

After pivoting her clients online quickly, she focused on delivering value. She joined forces with other female-owned gyms to share online class access. She loaned out equipment and refined her systems, developing SOPs and delegating tasks.

The clear progression of Two-Brain’s RampUp program was a boon: “I have anxiety. So having my mentor, Ashley Mak, saying ‘do this today’ was the most helpful part—just looking at the business one step at a time, in a way that was guided—and when I got stuck, having someone to point out ‘here’s how you get unstuck.”

She continued: “In a way, COVID was good for our business. It allowed me to step back and look at what the business looked like—and what I wanted it to look like. It reprioritized things so we could reopen exactly the way I wanted.”

Katie said her greatest challenge was letting go of old habits and realizing she couldn’t please everyone.

“So Ashley had me dial in: What is that program that we want to offer? How do we want to structure it?” 

When that vision was in place, delegating was key. Katie has a great staff, and now she’s focusing on getting out of their way so they can shine.

With the business adjusted, Katie said her key numbers changed, too.

“Before, we were over 100 members, but I was in the hole every month. Now I have half as many members, but I’m actually making a profit. Our ARM (average revenue per member) is higher. I’m getting paid now! Everybody’s making more money. And our clients are happy.”

Now, Katie views herself and her business in a new light.

“I never saw myself as a CEO until I started with Two-Brain,” she said. “Having someone reinforce ‘this is the time you spend working on your business and being in charge,’ having that accountability, gave me confidence.”

“I wrote my Perfect Day last year in April. Now, I’m literally doing it. Finally. I found the groove. I found the thing we’re good at. I found the thing that makes us happy.”


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