Two-Brain Client Spotlight: Tina Ferringer

Tina Ferringer

From earthquakes to roof collapse to getting COVID, Tina Ferringer has weathered her share of challenges over the past few years.

With two fitness studios—in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska—Tina had a full plate. Then she was devastated to learn that one of her managers was copying her business model and opening up a competing studio less than a mile away. When this happened, “30 percent of our clientele walked out the door.” 

She recalled: “I grew too quickly. I put the wrong person in a position of leadership.” 

Then COVID hit. 

“I called Two-Brain. I said, ‘This is what happened: She took my exact business plan, then she undercut us.’ (The mentor) said: ‘Raise your prices.’” 

That simple guidance fueled the mindset shift Tina needed. First, she focused on her own leadership: “That was my goal last year: to become the best leader I can,” she said. 

Then, she refined her business model to focus on quality over quantity. She hired a sales manager. She immediately pivoted to offer virtual classes, going as far as delivering 110 bikes to clients all over Alaska. 

“Our team is amazing. Our instructors showed up, threw the bikes in the van. We were up in the mountains, getting stuck. But we didn’t lose a day. We just kept on grinding,” Tina explained.

Two-Brain taught Tina that she didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. With the help of Certified Two-Brain Fitness Business Mentor Peter Brasovan, Tina accessed ready-made playbooks, templates and resources that put her on the fast track. 

“Now, I’m able to ask for help,” she said. “Two-Brain’s already done it; I don’t need to work my ass off to figure it out.” 

Her work paid off: In January of this year, despite having to operate at 50 percent capacity, she passed her largest monthly gross ever: $66,000. 

“But the real payoff is the fact that we had three people come to me in private and tell me that our fitness studio, community and culture saved them from dying by suicide. Exercise saves lives. No matter how hard it’s been, …  I always just told our team, ‘We’re going to show up. People need us more now than ever.’” 

Now, Tina has her sights set on helping others like never before. 

“We do huge fundraisers: We’ve raised over $100,000 for the local Alaskan community. I want to become a million-dollar company because I know what that means for our community,” she said. “The more resources you have, the more good you can do.” 


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