Client Spotlight: Chris and Rose Follick

chris and rose follick

When Chris and Rose Follick bought Crossfit Justice in 2018, it needed a lot of work. 

“We repainted, and we got new equipment, and we really focused on who we wanted to attract as our avatar member. But it just felt like we were just churning,” Chris said. “I had played all my cards and needed to level up.”

He continued: “I’d read all of Chris Cooper’s free content by this point, and I knew I needed to be held accountable. Coaches need coaches. So we sought Two-Brain’s help in 2019.”

The pair have made steady progress in nailing down their systems and refining and attracting their ideal clients. Their mentor, gym owner Jay Rhodes, had them focus on touchpoints—not just with newer members but with long-term clients and coaching staff as well.  

“How do you love on everybody in their own way and where they are in their journey? It’s what I’m working on,” Chris said.

The Follicks have also diversified their revenue. A nutrition challenge at the beginning of this year led 70 percent of participants to transition into their ongoing nutrition coaching program. 

“That was a big bump for us,” Chris said. “Diversifying our offerings has been huge.”

Overall results have been massive: “The PT revenue has doubled from April to May and almost doubled again from May to June,” Chris reported in mid-2021. “We went from just over $11,000 (gross revenue) in January to just over $19,800 this month already—a week in. If I close under $21,000 this month, I’ll be disappointed.”

Two-Brain, Chris said, has pushed him to look at the bigger picture: “You’re not just working in your business. You should be working on your business, building it in a way that’s coming at it from a bird’s eye view. That’s allowed me to lead more effectively.”

The result of all the hard work? 

“My wife was able to resign and quit her job on Friday,” Chris said. “Now the gym can support both of us fully. That’s an amazing accomplishment.”


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