Two-Brain 2017

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Chris Cooper wrote Two-Brain Business, Two-Brain Business 2.0 and Help First because he felt COMPELLED to help gym owners take action.


A gym owner himself, Chris knows the daily “in-the-trenches” problems an owner needs to solve. And as founder of Two-Brain Business, the largest mentorship practice for gyms in the world, he also has a unique view on trends in the fitness business.


Almost every day, Cooper writes a “love letter” to gym owners around the world. These are published on the blog. But important lessons and ideas can get buried in the sheer volume of knowledge found within.


This is the next part of the Two-Brain series: a compilation of Chris’ blog posts from 2017. Over 300 pages with links, pictures, diagrams and actionable advice from Chris and the other senior mentors at TwoBrain.

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