“We had to show people what ‘Intensity’ meant.”

Greg Amundson is the original CrossFit fire breather.  He did “Fran” before it had a name. Sixteen years in, he’s learned a few things about coaching, fitness, business and brains.

Greg shared some big concepts. Some of my favorites:

“A principle felt is understood.”

“The 10 physical domains do not exist in a vacuum or solely on a physical plane.”

“What really starts to separate people has more to do with what’s happening in the mind and spirit than in the body.”

The “Three Moments” of a class, according to Greg:

Moment #1: the greeting

Moment #2: the brief, practice and setup

Moment #3: the actual workout

By Greg:

Coaching the Mental Side of CrossFit

Greg’s book:

Your Wife Is Not Your Sister, on Amazon

Recommended by Greg:

The Holy Bible

As a Man Thinketh

Man’s Search for Meaning

Working With The Law

Recorded on October 14, 2015.

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