Congratulations! You’re in the Tinker Phase.

That’s the third of three phases.

You should be very excited: You’re doing amazing things. You’ve no doubt built a solid business with a great profit margin.

Here’s good and bad news: In Tinker Phase, great ideas can be worth tens of thousands of dollars, but bad ones can send you down the slide back to Farmer Phase. You have so many opportunities in front of you now—expansion, dramatic growth, new businesses, creation of cash-flow assets and so on.

So which ideas do you focus on? And how do you stay on track as the demands on your time increase?

Every entrepreneur has many great ideas, and it’s a mentor’s role to help the Tinker narrow focus to two or three projects. The mentor’s other key task: Helping the Tinker set aggressive goals with clear timelines. With guidance, you can launch your business into the stratosphere.

Here’s how Two-Brain mentorship works: Our Growth ToolKit contains all the best practices from gyms around the world. We’ve collected, tested and refined these practices, and we know they work. They’re all laid out for you step by step on our Growth ToolKit. We can help you retain staff, sell more, improve operations, plan for expansion or even retirement, and so on.

Mentorship is invaluable in the Founder and Farmer phases. But in Tinker Phase, a mentor is an absolute necessity. Tinker Phase is where it all gets personal: You can work for your business or it can work for you.

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