Software Compliance Targets

Two-Brain Business is the largest mentorship practice in the world for gym owners and coaches.

These owners run their own business using Two-Brain systems. As such, they get to choose their own software stack. We teach them how to pull meaningful metrics from the software they choose, and use those numbers to build goals. Then we mentor them using those metrics as guideposts.

We don’t have an official software partner. However, platforms that meet our standard of excellence are included in the step-by-step guides in the Incubator, Growth and Tinker programs. Here’s what we require to be included.

Two-Brain Compliance Level

These are the bare minimum that every platform should provide to be valuable to gym owners. If software meets these criteria, we will include a video demo of their software in our curriculum.


Payment processing (including refunds)

Appointment Scheduling with Payment Integration for recurring memberships, packages, and single-time purchases

Staff Scheduling with appointment and class tracking and pay rates

Client notes in their profile

Reporting: clear dashboard for clients to find Gross Revenue, Total Clients, ARM, LEG, LTV, Leads and Conversions in under 5 minutes.

Integration with scoring software – Zapier or better

Two-Brain Partnership Level

These are the requirements to be the official TwoBrain Partner. At this level, we actively recommend this software through our Partnership Program.

Meta level: TwoBrain should be able to track ARM, LEG, LTV, Leads and Conversions across all gyms, and changes at the meta level.


  • Dashboard
    • Should have a key report of activity at the gym
      • TBB dashboard (see below)
    • Notifications of key issues at the gym
    • The coaches schedule at a glance
    • Everything clickable
    • Sidebar with a key links you can click
  • Mobile App
    • Client app should allow for
      • Booking and billing appointments
      • Signing in/up for classes
      • Announcements
      • Workout logging (if available)
    • Sign in app should have:
      • sign into classes
      • sign up as a new member
      • fill out a waiver
      • purchase things at the pro shop
    • Coaches app should have:
      • Ability to perform all tasks of main app
  • Scheduling
    • Shows classes, appointments, and events
    • Syncs with coaches schedule via ICal
      • reacts to open/free times for coach
    • Coach can set availability
    • Can schedule internal meetings
    • Class schedule can be exposed on site
    • Clients can schedule their own 1:1’s
    • Clients can pay for 1:1’s
    • should allow for recurring events — classes, 1:1, appointments, etc
    • add the “allow to check in for classes and then remove the “Other” section
  • Clients
    • Can easily list clients and organize them based on active/inactive
    • Can create via app or the website
    • should be able to “manage other clients” and pay for them, etc
  • Payments
    • Ability to sell recurring memberships
    • Ability to use a variety of payment processors
    • ability to take one off payments for classes or PT
    • ability to refund customers
    • should allow for putting memberships “on hold”
    • should allow for assigning renewal dates
  • Communication
    • Ability to send and receive emails to clients
      • Send a mass email to all clients or a segment of clients
      • Send a campaign (autoresponder) to segment of clients
      • Ability to add/remove tags based on activity
      • Ability to see replies
    • Ability to send and receive text messages to clients
      • Ability to see all replies in a dashboard
  • Other
    • Ability to sign in for classes/PT sessions via app
    • Ability to check people in for classes
  • Reporting
    • Should give us full access to generate the reports we need and save them
    • TBB dashboard – for last 7 days (adjustable)
      • Members/Client activity
        • Members – Active, on hold, new, lost, upcoming, expiring
        • Active On Ramp/Fundamentals
        • Conversion rate (on ramp/Fundamentals to membership)
      • Prospects
        • New leads
        • Intros scheduled
        • Intros completed
        • Lead to intro conversion rate
        • Intro to fundamentals conversion rate
      • Attendance
        • Members – Inactive (last 2 weeks)
        • Members – Active (attended last 2 weeks)
        • Members – Semi Active (< 8 visits last month)
        • Avg LEG (rolling 3 months)
      • Revenue
        • Monthly Expected Income
        • income vs this month last year
        • ARM for this month (projected)
        • ARM for last month (projected)
  • Look & Feel
    • Most useful/accessible information at a glance
    • As few clicks as possible to get the key things done (adding a new client, checking people into class, selling anything)
    • Intuitive look and feel, should not require hours of training to do simple tasks


Want your favorite platform to be included in our curriculum? Email them this list, or introduce them to Jay Williams (!