One-on-One Coach Mentoring


There are two sides to a coaching coin: authority and empathy.

Authority requires knowledge of exercise and nutrition. Empathy requires knowledge of timing, delivery, psychology and intensity.

The best coaches seek to get better at both.

One-on-One Coach mentoring provides an outside expert perspective on common coaching problems. A mentor can be a model for improvement, or draw on the experiences of other gyms.

Have a problem client? A mentor has seen this before.

Is your programming boring? A mentor has made that same mistake.

Are your cues always the same? A mentor knows dozens more.

Trouble relating to people, or explaining yourself? Use their words to practice.

The Gold-level subscription to the Up-Coach program includes a 30-minute one-on-one mentoring session for yourself or any of your coaches. Increase the knowledge, confidence and diversity of your coaching staff!