Office Hours


Dr. John Ratey calls it “collaborative competition.” Teachers call it “immersion.” Musicians call it a “jam session.” We call it “office hours.”

Every coach knows this rule: you get better when you practice with others who ARE better. No matter what your niche, you can always learn more.

Our “Office Hours” present an opportunity to discuss coaching concepts and challenges, or consider new ways to coach. What’s working for others? How have they solved these problems you’re currently facing?

From 2000-2002, Dr. Mel Siff’s “Supertraining” group was the pinnacle of professional discussion in fitness.. It was moderated by Siff (20 hours every day!) and contained some huge names: Verkhoshansky, Charlie Francis, Poliquin, Louie Simmons, Dave Tate, Pavel, Gray Cook…and, for a few weeks, Greg Glassman.
The group’s primary purpose was debate (not argument, but holding “science” up to the light, and pounding it down to its most irreducible points.) There were some very passionate disagreements, but no one dared leave the group for fear of missing something important (except Greg, that is.)
Social Media has opened the floodgates to these kinds of groups. But LIVE discussion forces cautious consideration before commenting. It reinforces professional behavior. 

Our “Office Hours” are open to anyone enrolled in our Silver or Gold Up-Coach programs. Members are invited to one call / month (Silver) or one call / week (Gold) We debate, discuss, and question live via video chat. Moderated by Charity Elliott, each week will start from a different topic but the discussion could go anywhere.