Monthly Theory Course and Content Assignment


Included in the Monthly Video Lecture and Content Assignment:

  • 30 – minute video from our team of experts on a wide variety of topics;
  • Access to all previous videos with any valid subscription;
  • Remote access for coaches who can’t attend your staff meetings;
  • Quizzes to measure comprehension;
  • Content assignments to match each topic;
  • Suggested content revisions and edits (Gold Plan);
  • Templates and videos to make content creation easy.

Education requires consistency.

You digest information like food: one bite at a time. Lessons are assimilated easier when concepts build on each other. Small amounts of information add up over time. But huge doses can be paralyzing.

Think of the last weekend certification you attended: how much of the amazing content are you using on a daily basis? What if all the valuable points were delivered over time instead?

This is the science behind our monthly Continuing Education videos: new knowledge on a wide variety of topics every month. Set up a monthly study group, watch the videos from our team, discuss with your team, and grow together.

If a coach can’t make it to study group, they can watch the videos on their own time. And you’ll have access to all previous lectures as long as you have a subscription to the Up-Coach program.

And the monthly lectures help build your business with content assignments too.

Your coaches are experts.

Do your clients know? Do your future clients know?

Coaches should seek to establish authority in the marketplace. That means demonstrating their knowledge instead of hiding it inside your gym’s walls. The purpose of content assignment is to create shareable examples of your coaches’ skills. Each month, we’ll issue a content assignment at the end of each seminar. Coaches can use our templates to create their own content and establish their authority to your clients (and your future clients!)

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