Being raised by a young, single mom in Winter Haven, Florida taught me that I was owed nothing, but with hard work and determination anything was possible. I grew up playing sports knowing that it was likely the only way that I’ be able to attend college. No one in my family had ever been to college, but it was a goal of mine and I was able to graduate and achieve that major milestone. The best thing to come out of those 4 years wasn’t the degree or the basketball National Championship, but was meeting the love of my life, who I’ve been married to since 2005.

After college I realized there was no way that I’d thrive working in corporate America for years on end. I began thinking about the possibility of becoming my own boss, given many of the guys I looked up to were small business owners, but fear kept me from pursuing this option. I began coaching clients on the side after work, until it was physically and emotionally just too much. Like many, I was terrified to leave the safety and security of a steady paycheck. Despite the crippling doubt, my wife and I decided that I’d quit my job while she was pregnant with our second child (YIKES), which turned out to be the best decision, because at that point FAILURE WASN’T AN OPTION. I quickly realized that all of my good intentions and people skills didn’t mean a thing if I didn’t know how to run a profitable business. How could I continue to help people if I couldn’t feed my family in the process? So, I began to read any book I could get my hands on about business, leadership, and finances, which ignited my love of reading. I continue to read about 3-4 books per month.

I quickly understood that I would need professional help and reached out to hire a business mentor. It was one of the turning points in my business, because I now had someone to look at my situation and give logical, experienced and unbiased feedback. I began seeing improvements in all areas of my business, because I was held accountable to implementing business practices, challenged and was able to avoid many roadblocks by having someone experienced to call on. Now, being in the position of having a successful business and having the opportunity to help others reach their goals is a dream come true for me. I want to work with mentees who are driven, focused, and are looking to leave a legacy for generations coming behind them.