Oskar Johed

Oskar Johed

Oskar Johed once said he wished someone would have told him that the mistakes he was about to make opening his gym in 2014 had already been made—and corrected—by others.

Now, as a Two-Brain Business mentor, Oskar is that “someone” to fitness entrepreneurs around the globe.

In addition to an intimate knowledge of training and entrepreneurship—Oskar is a member of the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff and the co-owner of CrossFit Medis in Stockholm, Sweden—he brings more than a decade of business experience as a corporate banker.

In fact, when he first opened CrossFit Medis along with partner and now-fellow Two-Brain mentor Karl Solberg, it was to serve the corporate-wellness industry. And when the co-owners shifted their focus to improving the health and lives of the general population, they turned to Two-Brain for guidance.

Over the course of two years of mentorship, Oskar learned to combine the best of both worlds—the systems and processes of the corporate world and his passion for transforming lives through fitness—to make CrossFit Medis successful. As a Two-Brain Business mentor, his number-one goal is to help other fitness entrepreneurs do the same.

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