Blake Ruff

Blake Ruff

Blake has a passion for developing Leaders and Brands. Owning two CrossFit gyms he has learned how to create leaders to push the gyms forward while he gets to pursue the areas of the business he loves. He will help create life balance and financial freedom for business owners.

I grew up in northern Indiana in a small town Plymouth, IN. During High School, I personally trained my high school teachers at the age of fifteen. I always had a passion for people and helping them achieve a healthier lifestyle.

After High School, I played College baseball at Franklin College. The classroom never pushed me in the way that I needed. I always knew I had a passion for starting something great and growing a business. An opportunity arose to open my own Personal Training Business. In 3 years, due to the growth, the time that was demanded was more than I could manage.

Shortly after I opened two Crossfit gyms on the NorthSide of Indianapolis area. Eventually went through buying out my business partner and starting one location from scratch. Currently, my gyms are thriving with me being able to work on the things I love doing in the business, marketing, and branding.

My passion is to help gym owners reach their full potential while creating life balance. I can help you set up the systems and foundation, then help you grow it with marketing. Most importantly then create a member experience that members never want to leave.

A circular grey badge with the words "Two-Brain Business Incubator Certified."A circular gold badge with the words "Two-Brain Business Growth Certified."A circular gold badge with the words "Two-Brain Business Specialist Certified."