Two Brain Marketing Episode 5: Mary Weider


Today we are joined by Mary Weider of CrossFit Oshkosh. Mary has helped her gym’s growth explode by launching and running many successful marketing campaigns. Join us today as we learn about how Mary has setup and run these successful campaigns to grow the business! 


Mary grew up spending most of her time in the gym as a competitive cheerleader. After stumbling upon CrossFit in 2013, she found her passion and motivation for fitness again and now coaches at CrossFit Oshkosh! Mary loves to help clients build relationships with fitness and push themselves to reach their goals. 


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3:00 – Introduction to Mary Weider

6:20 – Mary’s experience before and after gaining help from Two Brain at her gym

9:05 – What is it that CrossFit Oshkosh Sells other than just CrossFit

10:50 – The importance of spending a lot of time on the No Sweat Intro

15:15 – How often should a marketing campaign be tweaked and re built

18:03 – How to handle lurking clients who have not signed up yet

20:05 – The key to a successful marketing campaign is consistency

23:16 – How to contact Mary

Announcer:                            00:02                       Welcome everyone to Two-Brain radio. It is our mission at Two-Brain to provide 1 million entrepreneurs the freedom to live the life that they choose. Join us every week as we discover the very best practices to achieve perfect day and move you closer to wealth.

Chris:                                         00:26                       Debt is a tricky subject in our world. We’ve been taught by HQ to avoid debt, to accumulate cash and when we’ve got enough money to spend it. But in the business world, the reality is that there’s good debt and there’s bad debt, good debt creates an asset and there’s also something called opportunity costs. Meaning if you wait until you can afford something, you probably never will be able to afford it and you’ll be missing a ton of opportunity. In the meantime, let’s say for example that you were bursting at the seams and your clients couldn’t attend a 6:00 PM class anymore because there was a waiting list. So they started canceling their memberships. You’re missing an opportunity cost here, the opportunity to keep your current clients because if they’re paying for a membership and they can’t attend that are not going to keep that membership for long.

Chris:                                         01:14                       So you’re looking to expand and so you’re going to have to take on some debt or you’re going to wait until you have the $10,000 or whatever that amount is to buy the new equipment. You can keep turning new clients away while you wait and try and accumulate this money or you can leverage the capital through guys like RigQuipment. Rigquipment is a partner that we chose at Two-Brain Business because their commitment to crossfit and their commitment to helping first has been proven over several years. I got to admit, I shy away a lot from money people. It’s intimidating to work with people who understand money and finance better than I do. I’m sure you feel the same way, but these guys have shown up time and time again. They’ve offered free help. They’ve turned down business a lot of times because they aren’t sure if the person has a good working business model and to be honest, they’ve sent people to us and let us turn them down for them because they wanted to know if this person’s plan was going to work before you expand, before you start out.

Chris:                                         02:16                       It’s super important that you know what you’re getting into, that you have a plan to pay back the debt, that you have a plan to increase cashflow that you’re going to do based on new purchase equipment has a great tool. If you go to their site you can figure out if you can’t afford that expansion, should you be buying that new rig or should you be investing in something else like mentorship? These guys will even finance Two-Brain business incubator phase if you purchase it with your equipment because they understand that the incubator makes your business more viable, it’s less of a risk for them. I love working with clay and Joe from RigQuipment because these guys understand what our service in life is and that matches their service to.

Mateo:                                      02:59                       Hello and welcome to the TwoBrain marketing podcast. I’m your host Mateo Lopez. I’m one of the digital marketing mentors at TwoBrain business and thanks again for tuning in. This is your weekly dose of Digital Marketing Magic. Every week we’re going to go over marketing campaign strategies, useful tips and updates to keep you in the loop on the ever changing landscape of advertising on the Internet for Your Business. And in today’s episode, we have a very special guest. We have Mary Weider, and you’re going to learn how her team and her gym has spent over the last year around $10,000 in ad spend and generated close to $25,000 in front end sales. So we’re gonna learn how exactly she was able to double their, their money over there at the gym. So, uh, Mary. Hi. Good. So Mary, tell us a little bit about who you are, where you are, where your gym is in, a little bit about, you know, how long have you been in business?

Mary:                                         03:52                       Sure. So our gym is located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, which is about an hour north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Just for some reference. A lot of people don’t know where Oshkosh is, well I guess we could compare it to the games were like an hour and a half away from Madison.

Mateo:                                      04:07                       Okay. There you go.

Mary:                                         04:11                       So I started crossfit when I was a junior in college cause I Oshkosh is a college town.

Mateo:                                      04:17                       Oh that’s kind of like I started when I was a freshman.

Mary:                                         04:20                       Yeah. Like working two jobs just to be able to afford the kind of thing. But yeah, so I started when I was in college and my degree is actually in journalism and public relations. So I had a little bit of background in communications and marketing and social media. I started coaching in November of 2016 1716 or 17 and then a few months later after we got started withTwoBrain, Austin sat down with me and we came up with a plan for me to create ads and handle all of our leads and stuff like that. All the TwoBrain marketing stuff. So we’ve been doing that I think since April. And yeah, it’s been going really well and it’s definitely been the most steady stream of new members. We’ve gotten since. Crossfit Oshkosh has been open in 2013 so yeah.

Mateo:                                      05:11                       And for those who don’t know who are listening, Austin’s awesome. The owner over a crossfit oshkosh. Great. So that’s so funny. I also found crossfit when I was in college and then it was this weird thing, whereas it came back from freshman year back to my parents’ house in Los Angeles and they were like, you should try this crossfit gym that opened up by our house. You would like it. And I was like, okay. And then I was hooked. I just, I looked at Bryce who was the owner at the time and I was just like, I want to have your life, I want to be you. When I grow up. And from that point on, like every, I would go back to school and in New York there wasn’t any crossfit. There was super new still, there weren’t any gyms really. There were like three in Manhattan and I just was like trying to find, I could just mop their floors and get a membership.

Mary:                                         06:00                       That’s what I did. I cleaned for my membership to very similar. Yeah.

Mateo:                                      06:06                       And it wasn’t that I was like, I want to be your intern there like that. That’s not a real thing. Yeah. I just felt like you can’t intern and then get a crossfit job, but I didn’t know. But that was, yeah, that’s very funny that it was similar path. Okay. So talk a little bit about your experience working with Austin at the gym prior to TwoBrain in general and then how you saw the business change after going through some of the mentorship and implementing some of the, the best, uh, the best practices in the standard operating procedure work that we do and in some of that stuff.

Mary:                                         06:41                       Sure. I would say about like six to nine months before we started TwoBrain, I started taking over like their social media. So just creating posts organically and content and sharing blogs and stuff like that. But that was all we were doing. We weren’t putting money behind anything. I don’t want to say there was no rhyme or reason to their marketing, but they definitely didn’t have like an ad system in place. It was kind of just, you know, the basic, let’s go to this health fair or let’s put an ad in this flyer every once in awhile. But there wasn’t like a steady, you know, putting money into something to get revenue out. It was just kind of taking opportunities as they presented themselves and that was about it. So yeah, once we found TwoBrain, we sat down and created the ads and created our six week challenge. And I don’t want to say like our first month was beginner’s luck, but I think since we were out there on social media for the first time, like reaching an audience who was around us and had an interest in fitness, like are like that first month was just insane. Like we were getting new members, like probably like two new members a week. We could hardly keep up but in a really good way. So yeah, it was, it definitely put us out there in a way that we had never reached before.

Mateo:                                      08:01                       Did you see any differences in the way the business was operating, being a staff member before TwoBrain and then after going through the mentorship process?

Mary:                                         08:09                       Definitely. So our back end went through a little bit of a change. There were two owners at one point and then Austin took over. I knew he always wanted to get into TwoBrain and that’s when he really made things happen at that point. So since then when we joined TwoBrain a lot of more, a lot more processes were put in place just every day to day stuff, task lists, you know, stuff like stuff like that. That is a lot of behind the scenes work for the staff and the coaches.

Mateo:                                      08:38                       Awesome. Great. So did you find that it was just easier to understand what the goals were for the business for that day? For that week? For that month. Okay.

Mary:                                         08:49                       Yeah. Goals were much more apparent and much not even like the end goal is, but like how to get there and how to achieve those goals. And when we had to do the goals were actually written out for us. So that made, that made us make a plan and take some action.

Mateo:                                      09:04                       That’s great. So awesome. So in your word, in your own words, now that you have this marketing machine running, what is it that you sell and how do you sell it?

Mary:                                         09:16                       So we sell our six week challenge like a lot of other TwoBrain are. We have a couple of different levels of our six week challenge. We have just a nutrition power hour and crossfit classes. We have custom nutrition and crossfit classes and then custom nutrition and PTs. So how we sell it, we have ads on Facebook of course talking about the six week challenge. We have those that are targeting female and those that are targeting males with either a video of Austin, or I and then some stock images as well. And then that

Mary:                                         09:49                       it’s the attention. But we really do all of our selling during No Sweat Intros and by contacting leads. So it’s funny because when we first started this, I was like, someone’s going to see an ad once and you know that’s it. They’re either gonna come or not. But what we’ve found over this past almost year is that a lot of people who come are people that have seen the ads like four or five times and are like, okay, this is a sign and finally going to give it a chance. So that’s been really cool. But our lead process is pretty consistent. We use Uplaunch, so we have, once someone becomes a lead they start getting emails and texts and phone calls from us right away. Sometimes we send out like what are your goals? Asking them that sometimes it’s like content we’re giving them so you know, five tips for Blah Blah Blah. And then once we get them in for a no sweat intro, Austin loves doing no sweat intros cause he literally talks to these people for like an hour. I’m not even kidding you, but we, that’s when we just learn like their story, what they’re looking for and like truly like personally connect with them and let them know how we can help them. So that’s how, that’s what we sell and how we sell it.

Mateo:                                      10:54                       Tell us a little bit more about that No sweat intro process because it sounds like he takes a lot of time. What you just said is the discovery phase in the sales process. Really just learning more about them, figuring out what their challenges have been, what they’ve tried in the past, and how your program may be able to help them overcome that. So you know what, what goes on in those meetings.

Mary:                                         11:16                       Yeah. So I feel like just finding a way to like connect with them outside of the gym. So Austin is a vet, so when there’s that set come in, they instill, you have that connection, you know, or I used to be a cheerleading coach, so if there’s a mom that comes in and has daughter a daughter and cheerleading or something, just connecting on that level so that they can realize like we’re human too and we’re here to help them and we know the struggles of everyday life and this can fit into their personal life.

Mateo:                                      11:45                       Yeah, I think, I think what you’re hitting on is super critical. It’s building rapport. Yeah. A huge part of sales is just getting people to know and trust you and establishing that rapport and establishing that trust I think is, it sounds like something you both of you take a lot of time and effort to make sure you have that in place. You follow up with them whether it’s your automated sequence or you follow up with a phone call and book an appointment. What happens in between the point where the appointment is booked and then you ask for the sale? What happens in between that?

Mary:                                         12:22                       everyone who is scheduled to gets a call, why not right when they sign up and one the day before their appointment or pretty much anywhere between 24 hours to 12 hours before their appointment? Whenever we have time.

Mateo:                                      12:41                       You mean like you’re sending a via message via text or your access?

Mary:                                         12:44                       Yep. Sorry.

Mary:                                         12:45                       Yeah, a video message generally via text so they can just see like who they’re going to be meeting, what their personality is like and just kind of giving them like a hey, heads up. We’re real people and we have a schedule too. So please show up and let’s have a conversation.

Mateo:                                      13:02                       Awesome. So you send that the day, uh, you know, prior to and on the day of and then they walked to the front door. What happens when they walk through the front door?

Mary:                                         13:11                       A coach will be there to greet them and it’s really cool cause we just got a new building and we actually got a little no sweat intro room built in there. So yeah, so it has like our Inbody scan and some comfy chairs and it’s a little tucked away. So even if there’s like classes or something going on, they’ll be able to see that class but it won’t be distracting. So that’s where we hold all of our no sweat intros, which is great. And then usually the first thing we always ask them is why are they here and what are their goals? I’m just getting kind of directly to the point in that creates a conversation that we can have with them based on, you know, what made them like what made them click the sign up. Now, that’s what we want to know cause that’s really going to take focus of what we’re going to talk about next.

Mateo:                                      13:56                       Okay, cool. And so they come in, you’re doing a lot of discovery or trying to figure out what motivated them to come in, basically what solution they’re looking for. Right. How do you prescribe solutions?

Mary:                                         14:09                       So we’ll always like go over, we always start going over. So we have a nice sales binder and we have in our binder list. Yeah. So our first option listed is our gold option. You know, the most expensive, the personal training option with nutrition. So that’s the only the option they can see when we first opened the binder. So you know, sometimes people come in and you know they’re not going to want to do nutrition or you know, they’re not going to want to do personal training. So no matter what, we always just throw it out as an option because you, you never do know. So we throw that out as at an option and if you can, if we can tell they’re like, this is not for me. I cannot afford this, then we go down to our silver and then keep going down to eventually when we get to our bronze, which is just classes and power hour nutrition. So we use that binder as a base. But obviously when we’re doing the no sweat intro, we can kind of feel out what we think would be best for them. You know, if they have a tight schedule. Sometimes personal training sessions are best because we can fit them in whenever and they don’t have to stick to class times and just kind of recommending those options to them and always including how it would benefit them.

Mateo:                                      15:15                       Awesome. And let’s take a, let’s take a step back in the process. You manage all of the social media and the paid advertising. So what is your process when you’re, when you’re refreshing a campaign or building a campaign, how often do you go in and, and try a new piece of creative, you know, how often are you going in tweaking things and, and you know, walk us through how you build those campaigns.

Mary:                                         15:40                       Um, so I feel like when we first started this, I was kind of in the mindset of like things need to be changed every two to three months. But since then I’ve learned like if it’s working, just leave it. Like right now we’re not doing like skyrocketing No Sweat Intros like five a day, but we’re, we have a consistent outcome from our ads and we are seeing a pretty good front end revenue. So I haven’t made any changes to our ads in probably like three or four months because they’ve been doing well and just want to keep, keep them going until we see like the cost per lead go up a little bit, then I might go in and make some changes. But one thing that’s really helped is like being a part of TwoBrain marketing group and seeing what has worked for other people. If we do get in a Rut, I can easily go in and find a stock image that has worked for for somebody else. And usually sometimes it’s just as easy as that changing one word in the copy or changing the stock image. In getting examples from other gyms and all of a sudden we’re right back up where we need to be.

Mateo:                                      16:45                       I think that’s such a good point that you know people if CRMs go up a little bit or their cost per click creeps up or you know, if, if they see the amount of bookings just you know, slow down. A lot of times I’ll see people try a whole new thing. They’ll rip the whole thing apart and try something brand new. But really I think you make a good point. Sometimes it’s just taking one variable at a time and looking, okay let’s just try a different image, leave everything the same and start there or a different video and start there and then you know the next thing, okay now we have an image that we think is working well. Let’s try two different pieces of written creative and see how that, how that works. And it’s just one small variable at a time. Cause if he changed the whole thing, it’s hard to know what was the, the x factor for sure.

Mary:                                         17:34                       For sure. And I think like, like I mentioned before how there’s those people that it takes like five to 10 times to see the ad. You want to keep something semi consistent so they know that this is the same place and the same six week challenge.

Mateo:                                      17:47                       That’s a great point. Do you anything to reengage people who opt in,, I imagine your, since you’ve been running ads for a year, can you tell us a little about that? Got growing list of people who inquire maybe the optin but don’t book an intro. Maybe they don’t buy. Do you guys do anything with that list of people who have inquired and are still kind of lurking?

Mary:                                         18:10                       Yeah, so recently probably not that recent anymore. Like a few months ago we implemented uplaunch into our No Sweat Intro process. So it’s been like a huge lifesaver because I was like manually texting these, all of these leads we are getting through clickfunnels and it was just taking up so much time. But what their phone number and or email will be go from click funnels to our uplaunch campaign and they will, we have like a whole six week campaign and they’ll receive emails and texts. And then also we have all of their contact information stored. So every time we have like a special event, like a wine and WOD or a community workout, we can like reach out to those people from a year ago and be like, Hey, we noticed you are interested. Come try a free workout. Rare opportunity. Like this is your chance. So those are the couple of ways we are reconnecting with older leads.

Mateo:                                      19:02                       And have you found like you’ve been able to even, I mean I’ve found even selling one is worth it, like an email blast for sure. Getting one sale is definitely worth it.

Mary:                                         19:12                       Yep. And sometimes that will like an email blast takes what like honestly, 20 to 30 minutes and then getting that one client out of it is definitely worth it.

Mateo:                                      19:23                       Amazing. So you know, it sounds like you said you went to you, you had moved to a new space.

Mary:                                         19:29                       Yeah. So we were kind of on the outskirts of Oshkosh, you know, I’m like a industrial building and we bought our own free standing building and we’re downtown Oshkosh, which is really awesome because a lot more foot traffic. We’re like a block away from the farmer’s market, which is going to be super awesome during summers. So we’re hoping that will help boost some interest.

Mateo:                                      19:52                       Amazing. It sounds like you guys have been doing really great, you’re growing like crazy. You’ve moved to an upgraded to a new space and you know, you’ve, you’ve been able to essentially double your money using paid advertising. What do you think has been the key to your success so far and Austin success and the gym success in the business access? What do think has been the key?

Mary:                                         20:11                       Yeah, so I really think it’s just been like staying consistent. Like you could easily start these ads and if you’re not keeping up of leads, like you’re just going to in the long run kind of be wasting your money. Um, so it’s not just the Facebook advertising, it’s the click funnel and the Uplaunch. It’s kind of the whole process of how you’re getting these leads and how you’re staying connected with them and treating them when they show interest in your business. So I think it’s just been staying consistent with the whole process and finding ways to continue to improve it as well and just really staying in touch with those and showing interest in them. So hopefully they’ll show be more interested in US someday.

Mateo:                                      20:52                       Well, and probably the service too, right? Nothing works unless your service is good. So yeah, you keep the quality of your, that you have a front end offer, right? Your front end offer is a six week introductory program. How do you monitor quality control and make sure people are loving the service there? They’re seeing results. How do you guys do that?

Mary:                                         21:12                       We as coaches, we really try and stay connected to the people going through their six week challenge. You know, they have their five OnRamp personal training sessions. So that right there is a really good jumpstart into one on one time with the coach where the coach can start really pounding them with accountability. Ah, well it’s coming to the gym and nutrition from there they go into group classes and it’s just kind of keeping an eye on them and you know, just creating that conversation like how were you feeling, what are you eating, how are you sleeping? And just showing them like wow, this is not like a normal Globo gym. Like someone is here. Like actually caring about my lifestyle and that’s awesome. And then again, we have campaigns through uplaunch for every person going through our six week challenge. So not only in the gym are they seeing coaches, but they’re getting emails, asking them how they’re feeling, if they have any questions, you know, anything along those lines.

Mateo:                                      22:02                       When you asked those questions, checking in with them. Is there a formal setting? Do you guys have formal goal setting sessions during that process or after?

Mary:                                         22:11                       We do not have goal setting sessions implemented into the six weeks. Right now. We do offer goal setting sessions for any of our members to schedule, but we actually don’t have anything and boom, I did right now. I mean we do have like, they schedule a time to come in and take their last Inbody scan and I feel like that always just kind of naturally turns into like a goal-setting session.

Mateo:                                      22:35                       Yeah.

Mary:                                         22:36                       Yeah. So that that happens and you know, that’s always good too because we can kind of tell them like, well, here’s why you saw awesome results. Here’s maybe why you didn’t see the results we’re looking for. Usually, you know, because of nutrition or outside stress. But yeah, so that just having awesome coaches who can keep up with the six-week people and like, of course I have to say our community is so great too and always welcoming to newer people and helping them so that, that helps us.

Mateo:                                      23:05                       Awesome. Well thanks so much for hopping on and walking us through your, your system, how you check up on your ads and how you follow up with your leads and how you sell. If people want to talk with you more or just hang out or drop in when they’re going to the games. Yeah. How do they

Mary:                                         23:24                       Um, I am on Instagram. I think my handle is just Mary Weeder, M. A. R. Y. W. E. I. D. E. R. Otherwise you can check out crossfit Oshkosh. That Instagram or Facebook or Instagram is crossfit underscore oshkosh so you can find us there.

Mateo:                                      23:41                       Awesome. Thanks Mary. Thank you.

Chris:                                         23:44                       Hey everyone. Chris Cooper here and really thrilled to see you this year in June in Chicago at the 2019 TwoBrain summit. Every year we have two separate speaking tracks: one for you, the business owner, and there’s one for coaches that will help them make better, longer, more meaningful careers under the umbrella of your business. This year we’ve got some pretty amazing topics like the client success manager, how to change your life, organizational culture or the business owner’s life cycle, how to have breaks, how to have vacations, how to help your marriage survive, owning a business and motivation and leadership. How to convert more clients, how to create a GM position that runs your gym for you and leaves you free to grow your business. How to start a business owner’s group in your community and more. The Point here is to do the right thing that will help gym owners create better businesses that will last them for the long term, get them to tinker phase, help them be more successful, create meaningful careers with their coaches and give their clients a meaningful path to longterm health. We only do one big seminar every year and that’s the TwoBrain summit and the reason that we do that is because a big part of the benefit is getting the TwoBrain community together and and welcoming strangers into our midst and showing them how amazing gym ownership really can be. We’ll have a link to theTwoBrain summit including a full list of all speakers and topics on both the owners and the coaches side in the show notes. I really hope to see you there.

Mary:                                         25:12                       As always, thank you so much for listening to this podcast. We greatly appreciate you and everyone that has subscribed to us. If you haven’t done that, please make sure you do drop a like to that episode. Share with a friend and if you haven’t already, please write us a review and rate us on how what you think. If you hated it, let us know if you loved it, even better. See you guys later.


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