If you read the habits and tricks of very successful people, most of them say they start their day at the gym. Their readers ooh and aah at their dedication to exercise habits at 6am.

But what about the gym owner? Someone turns those lights on before Mr. GrowthHacker shows up, right? And in the CrossFit world, all too often, it’s the same person who turns the lights off at night.

Sherman Merricks is the founder of CrossFit Dynasty in Gainesville, Florida. Recently he has launched Notable Guidance, a life coaching service for entrepreneurs. Today we dive into all sorts of topics that are VERY relevant for gym owners. There’s a lot of GREAT practical advice in here.

Also of interest: The Hustle Is A Lie, by Chris Cooper.

In this Interview:

  • Setting SMART goals and achieving them
  • Attaining the confidence to be a leader
  • Overcoming setbacks on a regular basis
  • Balancing a busy schedule with personal life


  • How to boost positivity in your gym
  • Getting your personal finances in order
  • What is life coaching?
  • Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome

About Sherman:

Sherman is the founder and owner of both Dynasty CrossFit, in Gainsville, Florida, and Notable Guidance. He discovered his passion for sports growing up in Florida and excelled at basketball through high school and college. After graduating and feeling a huge competitive void, he realized CrossFit could fit the bill and he has never looked back. He has a passion for helping others be their best by improving their fitness and now their life. Sherman’s main focus is to help people reach their goals and still have fun doing it.


0:57 – Sherman Merricks introduction

2:14 – Sherman Merricks background

3:47 – Setting the right goals for your client as a coach

6:42 – Identifying areas of desired personal improvement

9:05 – Writing down your goals and keeping S.M.A.R.T

11:12 – Attaining the confidence to be the leader

12:05 – Setbacks are certain but you must keep moving

13:20 – A personal example of ignoring a setback

14:43 – Preventing clients from promoting negative thoughts within your gym

16:07 – Specific ways to promote positivity within the gym

18:10 – Pushing clients further with full support

20:55 – Balancing goals with life

22:03 – Combating the addictive hustle mindset

24:05 – Transitioning present in the moment at work and home

26:10 – Creating a buffer between work life and home life

27:53 – Tricks to transition between work and personal time

31:15 – Getting your business and personal finances in order

33:42 – How to start a conversation with your spouse on personal finance

36:28 – What is life coaching?

38:39 – Overcoming the imposter syndrome

40:44 – How much money does someone have to make to be happy?

42:03 – Outrunning the happiness index by avoiding personal problems

44:23 – Contacting Sherman


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